Sunday, 23 November 2014

Autumn Makeup Look

Hey Lovelies, hope your all having a nice weekend, today I thought I would do a makeup look for you, I haven't done one in ages and I love wearing dark lips in Autumn and Winter, so I thought I would share with you what I wear.
For my base the foundation that I used was the Bourjois Healthy Mix and Collection Lasting perfection concealer, I just love this foundation and concealer. The powder I use was Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder.

My eyes were kept quite simple as the main part to the look was the lips, I use MAC Woodwinked all over the lid and Maybelline Mono in Chic in the crease and used the cream colour from the MUA Matte palette as the highlight under the brow bone. I blended all the eyeshadows really well so it didn't look too dark. Then I applied the Illamasqua eyeliner in Abyss, it's my favourite eyeliner it's so black and easy to apply. I applied the Maybelline Falsies Mascara to my eyelashes and then for my brows I mixed the two browns from the MUA Matte Palette.

For the cheeks I used the 17 blush in Plum Puff, it's a gorgeous Autumn blush that is plumy pink.

Then for the lips I used MAC Diva which is an absolutely stunning dark burgundy red that is perfect for Autumn.

I hope you like this look and what's your go to makeup look for Autumn/Winter?

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Body Image

Hey Lovelies, hope your all alright, today I'm going to do a bit of a different post today on body image.
All images are from Google.

Everywhere we see in magazine, on TV, social media it is the normal that you need to be skinny and I don't think it's right, we can't all be skinny. I am healthy weight but on my stomach it's never been as skinny or as flat as I wanted and I've been extremely insecure for a long time and being called fat never helped. I came to the realisation that I just need to try to accept it, I've tried exercising, not eating as much and eating healthier before but it doesn't make much of a difference, it's just my shape and size I don't think I'm going to be able to be skinny.

Now a days there is so many young people with low self esteem or confidence if they aren't skinny and more having eating disorders because of magazine, celebrities and the media and we shouldn't be in that sort of society. We should be accepted no matter what our size! 

Meghan Trainor's All About That Base is an inspiring and good song saying about size and it doesn't matter. Adele has always said she is fine with her size and she wouldn't be skinny. I think there needs to be more advocates of different sizes telling young people and adults it's alright to be the size you are.

If you are wanting to lose weight I think that is fine, if your doing it for the right reasons, not just because you want to be skinny as everyone else. I know as well that some people are just naturally skinny and still eat enough. I hope body image does change and more people become accepting of their size but I don't if that will happen with all the skinny models/celebrities in magazines, TV and in the media and they get slated if they aren't a small size.

What are your thoughts on body image?

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Coloristiq (With One Month Free Trial)

Hey Lovelies, hope your all having a nice weekend. Sorry I haven't blogged in just over a week, it was down to some personal issues which I don't want to talk about but I wasn't in the right mind to blog and I always find I work best and do better posts if I'm in the right frame of mind and when I'm happy. Anyway I've got post for you today on a new service by Coloristiq that has only launched recently and its a unique renting service.
Each month you get to choose 3 nail polishes from their vast range of nail polishes available, their is a wide range of shades and brands including Essie, OPI, China Glaze and Morgan Taylor. The three nail polishes you have chosen will be delivered to your door for you to try out for a month. Then after the month you send back the polishes packaged up properly to the post box or the post office. All of this is just £14.49 a month.

It's a really unique and wonderful idea I think, I have lots of nail polishes and I can honestly say I've never finished a complete bottle of nail polish, I always like wearing different colours and this way with the renting service you can try out the nail polishes and then send them back. Often I find with nail polishes too if you have had them for a long time they end up drying up or going gloopy and you can't use them so you have to chuck them away and you waste a lot of money, this way your saving money and getting to try out lots of nail polishes. If you really enjoy a shade you can go out and buy it and also if you try out a shade and you don't like it you get to send it back so you haven't wasted your money.

The nail polishes arrive in this compact box and their protected with these guards and when I first saw them, I thought they were a weird contraption but they are helpful in making sure the nail polishes don't get damaged or broken when being sent.

As it is a rental service you need to keep all the packaging (the box, yellow protective wrappers, pre-paid postal label or Coloristiq sticker) as you need to send the nail polishes back but these are included on some instructions for you, so you know.

I was lucky enough to be sent these three gorgeous shades Essie The Lace Is On, OPI French Quarter For Your Thoughts and China Glaze Well Trained. Essie polish is a pretty shimmery fuchsia colour, OPI polish is a blue toned nude grey colour and the China Glaze polish is a beautiful dark teal colour. A big thank you to Coloristiq for these polishes they are all stunning.

My readers have been offered one month's free trial of the Coloristiq Experience. All you need to do is register, then email Coloristiq at with the promo code ASHLEIGH1 and your first month will be manually refunded.

What do you think of the Coloristiq renting service? Which colours are you lusting after?

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

MAC Rebel Dupe

Hey Lovelies, hope your having a good day and have a nice Bonfire night, today I've got a MAC Rebel dupe for you.
I didn't know this was a dupe till after I bought the lipstick, I wanted a dark autumn lipstick and wanted to try more Makeup Revolution lipsticks and picked Rebel With a Cause.

If you know me I love a good MAC lipstick and Rebel has been a favourite of mine for ages, its a dark berry shade its a satin finish but quite matte but moisturising and really pigmented and perfect for autumn.

I actually prefer Rebel With a Cause, it is so much more moisturising than MAC's Rebel, they are both really pigmented but I do find that the MAC lipstick is a lot more long lasting on the lips than the Makeup Revolution lipstick. The Makeup Revolution lipstick is more glossy on the lips than the MAC lipstick too.

In the bullet they do look very different but swatched they are almost identical, Makeup Revolution Rebel With a Cause is slightly lighter and slightly more red toned but it is ever so slight and you can hardly tell the difference.

As you can see on the picture they look so much a like and when I wear it is hard to tell the difference, so if you don't want to fork out £15.50 then go for this amazing dupe that is great quality at only £1 you really can't go wrong. 

What are your favourite MAC dupes you've found, would love to know.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Monthly Roundup

Hi Lovelies, hope your all having a good week. A while ago I did a weekly roundup and people seemed to like it and so I thought I would do a monthly roundup every so often, if I have anything interesting I wanted to share.
The most interesting and exciting thing I got to do was the #SheffieldBBloggers meetup in October, me and the lovely Heather and Georgina all organised and I had so much fun doing it. We all got amazing brands involved for the raffle and goodie bags. I've never organised a meetup before and got brands on board, so it was all new to me but we all worked hard and I enjoyed doing it. It was a small intimate meetup which we all agreed was best, bloggers got the chance to talk to everyone because there wasn't as many people. All the bloggers said they really enjoyed the day, so me and the other organisers were really happy and proud of what we achieved and that everyone had a good time. I also loved getting to know the other bloggers and having fun with Heather. After this experience I'm excited to do future meetups with other bloggers.

This month has actually been really busy for me, I had this meetup, I've been out a few times and I did an outfit post on my blog which I rarely do as I'm not really a fashion person but I like to change things up sometimes and go out of my comfort zone, I've had college, placements at schools and being assessed while I was there, working, looking after my nan and blogging. I am actually quite proud of myself for being able to keep on top off everything, sometimes when I have a lot going on I get really stressed out and then worry about it all.

What have you all been up to this month?