Tuesday, 2 February 2016

What I Got For My 21st Birthday!

Hey Lovelies I hope your all having a good day. On Sunday 24th January it was my 21st birthday and I wanted to share with you what I got. In no way am I bragging and I'm extremely grateful for everything I've got.

My lovely boyfriend got me this Pandora bracelet with the 21 and the silver and pink charm, he bought me the Iphone 5c mines just a 4s and is really rubbish so I'm glad to have a newer Iphone. I haven't got the phone with me so I couldn't take a picture. He's also paid for a trip to York that were going on this weekend. My boyfriend has really spoilt me and I'm so grateful for what he bought me.

My parents got me the Pandora rose gold studs that are so pretty and the silver heart charm for my bracelet which goes really well with the other charms. My sister got me the Lush Bath Bomb and if you know me you know I love Lush baths. She also got me the Pandora bow ring that is really cute and I love it.

A lot of my family chipped in for the Rotary Watch which I wasn't expecting at all and it's gorgeous. Once I've had links taken out of it I can't wait to wear it. From my cousin and his girlfriend they got me a box of Eclairs, the Nail Polish set and Baylis and Harding set, which was really nice of them. 

A neighbour bought me the purple bracelet that is really nice. My boyfriends family got me a gift card to spend at Meadowhall, my friend also got me a dove set and nivea set but she got it me after my birthday and after I took this picture and off other family members I got money.

I was truly spoilt and I can't say thank you enough to everyone who bought me something.