Saturday, 8 December 2012

Blog Design

Hey lovelies, If you saw yesterday I told you all to look at my blog I've had a complete transformation a new blog name and new blog design.

The new blog design is all thanks to the lovely Kate from Kate's Wardrobe you should go have a look at her blog it's amazing.

I just told Kate what I wanted and she did it exactly how I wanted. It didn't take too long and she's done a great job I love it.

Kate is so nice and did it for free.

Kate has done other blogs and done a great job of them.

I am extremely grateful and appreciative for the blog design Kate has done for me, I'm hopeless at all the technical stuff for a blog design.

Everyone go look at Kate's blog and follow her on twitter.

Hope you liked the post and again a huge thank you to Kate for doing the design for me.

Ashleigh xx