Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Guest Blog Post

Hey Lovelies, here is a guest post from the lovely Erinn from Discount Beauty.

My name is Erinn and my blog is Enhance Your Natural Beauty for Less  and I have a skincare themed post for you guys today! 

Tis the season of festive holiday parties and  family gatherings, which always bring the stress of all the things you have to do during this busy time of year. For some (like me) stress brings breakouts and they always seem to pop up at the worst times, like right before a big holiday party. So I wanted to share with all of you tips and tricks to make that spot quickly fade or even disappear! Better yet, all of the things used in this post are all things you can find in your kitchen, so read on for tips to get gorgeous skin for the holidays! 

How to get rid of that spot quick:

*When a pimple first appears it's red, painful and just plain ugly, so the first thing we want to do is make the spot smaller and take away the pain. We will be doing this with what you can call the "Icy Hot Process"

First: Place an ice cube on the spot for 5-10 minutes 

Next: Place a warm/hot rag on the spot for 5-10 minutes

Repeat this process 2-3 times, you will notice your spot getting smaller and less painful, don't worry about the redness, it's just from the ice! This has always been my favourite go to technique right when a spot appears. It helps with healing the spot that you already have but it also prevents the spot from getting larger.

*Next we are going to reduce the redness of the spot and make it less noticeable. Wait to start this process until some down time after doing the "Icy Hot Process" 

What you will need is: 

Baking Soda & Water

 Mix equal parts Baking Soda and water, until you have made a thick paste. You only need about a dime-sized amount of this paste since we are only using it on one spot. After you have made the paste, rub it on the spot and massage it onto your skin for about 2 minutes. Baking soda is a great for exfoliating (especially if you have sensitive skin) and reduces the redness of the spot. After massaging it into the skin, leave it on your spot for 10 minutes as a mask and wash it off. You should notice that the spot has lightened up a bit and is becoming less noticeable. 

*Lastly, we are going to treat the spot with a nourishing mask to help the spot from being irritated. This mask treats the spot and helps it fade quicker. a nourishing mask like this is essential for curing the zit and making sure it doesn't get worse or even appear again shortly after it's healed.

You will need the following ingredients: 

First you'll need a teaspoon of Natural Yogurt (I prefer Greek yogurt): Yogurt is great to use on spots because when applied to skin it fights bacteria which causes your spot to appear in the first place.

You will also need 1/2 a teaspoon of honey: Honey is also a great bacteria fighter and helps moisturise your skin so your spot doesn't become dry and flaky which can be hard to cover up with makeup.

Next we will need 1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice: The acidity of the lemon will dry out the clogged pore and balance the pH levels in your skin. Lemon juice also slightly bleaches the skin and takes away the spot's redness.

Lastly, you will need a teaspoon of whole grain oats: Oats are great at calming the skin and helping reduce the redness of the spot and helping with not irritating the spot.

Mix up all of the ingredients until you make a paste, you may have to add more honey or oats depending on the consistency. Apply the mask to your spot and leave on for 15-20 minutes and rinse off. Apply your favourite moisturiser after you are done so the spot doesn't become flaky.

That is the end of the whole process to get rid of a spot quickly! You can either use all of these steps or pick and choose your favourite steps, depending on how sensitive your skin is. 

I hope some of these tips help with giving you flawless skin for the holidays and I hope all of you have a great holiday season! 

Thanks for reading!

Hope you enjoyed the post and thank you to Erinn for doing the post for me.

Ashleigh xx