Saturday, 1 December 2012

Skinetica Anti-Blemish Skincare Review

Hey lovelies, I was contacted by Skinetica to review there anti-blemish skincare treatment.

I thought this would be a different post for you because I don't really talk about skincare. I do take care of my skin but I much prefer talking about makeup and jewellery.

"Skinetica is a genuine product that actually does what it says on the bottle!
A unique new solution that clears unsightly breakouts with visible improvements in 2-3 days.
It has No harsh chemicals, No side effects, Kind to skin, Dermatologically tested, Non Toxic, non staining, non greasy."

I've had Skinetica for just over a week, my skin isn't too bad, I just get a few spots when it's that time of the month, so I've been using it on the spots I have got and it reduces in size but hasn't completely got rid of them so you may need to use it for longer.

It's quite refreshing and non drying when you apply to your skin.

You need to make sure all your makeup is taken off, no moisturiser left on the skin then using a cotton pad apply Skinetica to your skin.

"Skinetica - skin clearing and blemish removal, fast acting - soothes, calms and clears"

It was in the October Glossy Box.

It costs £9.99 for a 100ml bottle.

Overall I think it's a good product and it will at least reduce your spots if it doesn't completely get rid of them. it's definitely going to be in my skincare routine now.

Hope you liked the post.

Ashleigh xx


  1. I also received this off Skinetica and am going to begin using it today, like you my skin isn't bad but I'm hoping to see some difference at least. I'm glad you got on will with it though.

    Fiona @

    1. It is good I'm sure you will like it :) xx

  2. I received a small bottle in my glossy box and really loved it. xx


  3. Thanks for the review, I was just looking for something like this, will check them out!just started following you. xx

    1. No problem, you should try it and thank you :) xx

  4. I had this in my glossy box and I think it is fab! I had really bad skin a few months back and this really helped all though it did try me out in some areas but I guess that is the point! x

  5. This sounds fab, great review!

    I love your blog, you have a new follower! :) xo

  6. I've never heard of skinetica before! Sounds good.

    Great blog hun I'm now following! :)

    1. I hadn't before till they asked me to review and thank you :) xx