Sunday, 30 June 2013

June Favourites

Hey Lovelies, I can't believe it's the end of June already but I'm so glad I've finished college so for now I can just relax, try to find a job and in August go on holiday so it will be nice can't wait.

So here's my favourites for June.

Beauty Favourites
17 eyeshadow trio In The Nude, there very natural eyeshadows and easy to wear, they have slight shimmer and are long lasting, it's perfect for when your in a rush and need something to just throw on the lids and they blend really easily.

17 eyeshadow in Mardi Gras, I've been loving wearing it with the 17 trio on the outer corner to just add more definition to the eyes, it's shimmery and very pigmented and long lasting, 17 eyeshadow are also really inexpensive with a ride range of colours.

MAC Woodwinked eyeshadow, this is a really unique eyeshadow, peerfect for everyone and you can just wear it on it's own or with other eyeshadows, it's a beautiful golden brown shade and really brings out blue eyes, this is my new favourite MAC eyeshadow, full review here.

Natural Collection Peach Melba blush, I've love natural collection blushes for ages, there all very pigmented and matte and really inexpensive but are great blushes, I have all the shades but this month I've been wearing Peach Melba the most it's a peachy shade perfect for most skin tones and is meant to be a dupe for MAC Melba.

Sleek Face Contour Kit in Light, I have got back into contouring again and the Sleek Contour Kit is my all time favourite it comes with a bronzer and highlighter, the bronzer is a perfect brown shade that isn't too muddy or dark and it really helps define your face.

MAC Creme Cup lipstick, this is a natural pink perfect for the days when you don't want to wear too much makeup, it suits lots of different skin tones and is moisturising, long lasting and pigmented, I love MAC lipsticks and there is a great colour range to suit everyone, full review here.

Rimmel London Stay Glossy Non Stop Glamour lipgloss, it's a pale pink with gold shimmer in and it's a great lipgloss to go over most shades of lipsticks, I've been wearing it with Creme Cup and it's really beautiful together and I love wearing it and I have got complements about it, it's not a sticky lipgloss which I like.

Collection Cream Puff in Fairy Cake, this an orangey coral colour and I like wearing it with brown eyeshadows on my lids, I really like wearing this look, I love the Cream Puffs there all very pigmented, moisturising and creamy and very long lasting.

Non Beauty Favourites

Music- Demi Lovato-Nightingale and Warrior, I really relate to Warrior and it's such an inspiring song, Lawson-Brokenhearted, Olly Murs-Dear Darlin. 

TV Programmes- Pretty Little Liars returned this month and I absolutely love this show it's so mysterious and you never know what will happen next and all the cast are gorgeous, there's two new show called Twisted and The Fosters and there both great, Big Brother returned and it's always very entertaining and there's a variety of personalities.

Food- Crunchy Nut Cereals I've been eating cereals more often and like Crunchy Nut, Galaxy Counters are my new favourite chocolate, I just love chocolate.

Let me know what your favourites for this month are, I would love to know.

Ashleigh xx

Friday, 21 June 2013

MAC Creme Cup Lipstick

Hello Lovelies, this was another MAC product I got in my haul, sorry for not posting much but after next week I'll be posting more and regularly.

Creme Cup is a cremesheen finish so it's very moisturising and glossy, so it makes your lips look great but after a while it can stick to your dry patches.

MAC lipsticks are £14 I think it's a reasonable price for high end and I love MAC lipsticks can't wait to save and expand my collection.

I love MAC lipstick packaging it's very sleek.

Creme Cup is an everyday, neutral light pink that will suit most skin tones I think, I've seen it on a variety of skin tones and I think it looks great on them all.
It's a blue toned pink so it makes your teeth look whiter and brightens up your complexion.

I think it's a great shade and it can sometimes look a little too pale on me but with a lipgloss over the top it looks beautiful.

Creme Cup is quite a popular shade and I know lots of people who love and rave about this shade and I know why it's such a great colour that's perfect for everyday when you want a natural and easy makeup look.

You could wear it for both daytime and nighttime but I think it's a better shade for day wear but you could wear it at nighttime with a smokey eye so the main attraction will be your eyes.

Here's a swatch, I must admit I'm a pink lipstick girl so I have lots of pinks but I still love this shade but I'm sure you can get similar colours in the highstreet so your not forking out £14 for a lipstick.

What do you think of Creme Cup?

Ashleigh xx

Sunday, 16 June 2013

MAC Woodwinked Eyeshadow

Hey Lovelies, hope you are all having a great Sunday and spoiling your Dad's seen as it's Fathers Day, my Dad  probably won't see this but I love you and you mean the world to me.

If you saw in my last post I had a haul and I bought this MAC eyeshadow.

MAC's Woodwinked is a gorgeous shimmery metallic golden brown colour, it's described as an antiqued gold, it is but it's got more brown in as well, this would be an amazing eyeshadow on any skin tone, you can wear it for daytime as a natural look or  for nighttime looks as a smokey golden brown eye look.

I love MAC eyeshadows, there always very soft and silky, easy to apply and blend, very pigmented and long lasting.

Woodwinked is a veluxe pearl finish, this is my first veluxe pearl eyeshadow from MAC, I've got matte and frost finishes and so far I think this is the best finish.

It really complements my blue eyes so it's great if you have blue eyes but it will suit any colour but it brings out the blue in my eyes more.

MAC eyeshdows cost £12 and £10 for the pan eyeshadows, I think these eyeshadows are a reasonable price for a high end brand.
MAC packaging is always very sleek and love the packaging and it easy to clean off if makeup spills on it.
Here's a swatch of the eyeshadow.
It's one of my new favourite MAC eyeshadow and I love wearing it.

What do you think to MAC's Woodwinked?

Ashleigh xx

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Collective Haul

Hey Lovelies, sorry for not posting for the past few day, I've been busy with college work but I've almost finished all my work so when it's done I will be blogging more often.

I haven't done a haul in a while and I've been buying some things over the past few weeks and I thought I would show you, I always like reading hauls.


I'll start off with the clothes I bought.

These two dresses were from New Look they were both in the sales and the floral dress was £12 and the other dress was £9, there both great prices, I love wearing dresses in the summer time and these are both perfect. If you know me I love floral type of dresses and I like these type of dresses that are shorter at the front and longer at the back these are better for me because I'm small and maxi dresses are too long for me.

This vest top was from Internacionale and was £12.99, it's quite see through and I love the pattern on the top. It's perfect for Spring/Summer time.

These are all from Primark, another dress told you I love dresses, I saw this dress on Kayleigh's- Couture Girls blog a while ago and she looked gorgeous wearing it and wanted it too, she has a great blog so go have a look, I went in a few Primark's in my area and they didn't seem to have them and then I found it and it was also on offer at £5 which is such a bargain for this dress. The top was £6 and is an aztec type print which I think is great and it has nice detailing on the back. The skirt was £8, it's very summery and I love bright colours for summer, it's a gorgeous orange.

I had a £5 pounds to redeem on my Debenhams card and their was 10% off at the time so I didn't want to miss it. So I got MAC'S Woodwinked eyeshadow and Mac's Creme Cup lipstick, Woodwinked is a shimmery goldy brown shade and Creme Cup is a natural pink shade. The eyeshadows are usually £12 and lipsticks £14 but it cost me nearly £19 for both which I think is a great price for MAC.

I've wanted to try a Nars blush for ages but they are quite pricey but in the end I decided to get one, I have the shade Douceur it's browny pink. It cost £21.50 from ASOS.

 I got both of these from Boot's I was just looking at lipglosses I wanted to get a new one, I don't have that many and I've got back into wear lipgloss, I got the Rimmel London Stay Gloss in Non-Stop Glamour it's a pale pink with gold shimmer in, when I was at the tills in the clearance was this Maybelline New York eyeshadow in Chocolate Chic at £2, it's just a matte brown shade.

Have you bought anything recently let me know.

Ashleigh xx

Friday, 7 June 2013

Jewellery Review

Hey Lovelies, sorry if your getting a bit bored of all the reviews that I have been doing recently but my next post will be haul.

My friend Jade her Grandma makes this jewellery and I just wanted to tell you about them because they are really cheap and you can get it to the style you want, just so you all know I paid for these bracelets and I'm just trying to help my friend out and these are my honest opinion.
This is just a normal Shamballa with black and white crystal beads, these bracelets are great for everyone because they are adjustable to fit everyone, you can ask what colour you want for the bracelet and they only cost £5 and then however much my friend will be charging for postage and I know Shamballa bracelets can be a lot more expensive than that.

Shamballa bracelets are very well known and in fashion and I thinks it great that you can get them at a reasonable price.

Most bracelets they do are Shamballa with different beads and colours.

This was the first bracelet I got and I love colourful bracelets so this was perfect, as you can see these are some of the colours you can get for your bracelet and this was also £5 so it's really inexpensive and you can ask what type of beads and colour you want so I think it makes it a bit more personal.

Here's some of the pictures I took of some of the other bracelets she has.

You can find her facebook site here, just get in contact with her if there's anything you want and she has lots of pictures of the different jewellery she has, the jewellery is mostly bracelets but there is necklaces, earrings and rings and if there's anything you want making just let them know and they will try to get it done for you.

The jewellery is from £1 to £7 so it's great value for money.

Hope you go take a look.

Ashleigh xx

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Skin Art Nail Art Tattoos and Nail Polish Review

Hey Lovelies, I got sent these Skin Art Nail Art Tattoos and Nail Polishes and I have to say they are great products.

The Nail Art Tattoo's are amazing for people like me that can only do the basic nail art, the only nail art I've ever been good at is dots and flicks and there easy to do. The Nail Art Tattoo's come in lots of different effects, they have stars, bows, hearts, birds and anchors so the designs will suit everyone. In the set there is 60 so they will last a long time and its inexpensive and only cost £5.99.

The tattoo's are super easy to apply, you just peel the nail art tattoo of the sheet and apply it to your nails, you can do it yourself or tweezers are even better to make it more precise for where you want to apply it on the nail.

These nail art tattoo's are great to just add something special to your nails and they are perfect to wear whenever you want.

The tattoo's are very long lasting on the nails, I had mine on for over a week and only took it off because my nail polish was chipping, I just used nail polish remover and a cotton pad and scraped off whatever was left on my nails.
It's Crystal Clear, like in the name it's just a basic clear nail polish and I just used it to apply over nail polishes and it makes the polish look very shiny.

This is the shade Unicorns Are Real, this is a gorgeous shade that I love wearing it, it's a blue with light purpley pink shimmer and is nice to wear for any season. They are the same lasting as any nail polish about a week and then it will start chipping.

This is the shade What Color is Coral? It looks like a coral shade in the bottle and when I applied it to my nails it was more of a pinky coral but it's a great colour perfect for summer time, it's very fluorescent and lasts the same amount of time about a week on the nails and then it starts chipping.

I really love the names of all the shades and they all cost £3 so it's really inexpensive.

I applied the coral shade on my thumb, index and my pinky, I applied Essie's Bazooka on my middle finger and unicorns are real on my ring finger, I then applied a studio gold nail polish on the tips of the coral and bazooka shade, then put the heart nail tattoo on my ring finger and applied the clear nail polish over the top and I love this nail look and it made my nails look really shiny.
These are great nail products and you can buy them online at the Skin Art Website or you can buy them from Boot's.

There great products and I highly recommend you trying them.

Ashleigh xx