Friday, 7 June 2013

Jewellery Review

Hey Lovelies, sorry if your getting a bit bored of all the reviews that I have been doing recently but my next post will be haul.

My friend Jade her Grandma makes this jewellery and I just wanted to tell you about them because they are really cheap and you can get it to the style you want, just so you all know I paid for these bracelets and I'm just trying to help my friend out and these are my honest opinion.
This is just a normal Shamballa with black and white crystal beads, these bracelets are great for everyone because they are adjustable to fit everyone, you can ask what colour you want for the bracelet and they only cost £5 and then however much my friend will be charging for postage and I know Shamballa bracelets can be a lot more expensive than that.

Shamballa bracelets are very well known and in fashion and I thinks it great that you can get them at a reasonable price.

Most bracelets they do are Shamballa with different beads and colours.

This was the first bracelet I got and I love colourful bracelets so this was perfect, as you can see these are some of the colours you can get for your bracelet and this was also £5 so it's really inexpensive and you can ask what type of beads and colour you want so I think it makes it a bit more personal.

Here's some of the pictures I took of some of the other bracelets she has.

You can find her facebook site here, just get in contact with her if there's anything you want and she has lots of pictures of the different jewellery she has, the jewellery is mostly bracelets but there is necklaces, earrings and rings and if there's anything you want making just let them know and they will try to get it done for you.

The jewellery is from £1 to £7 so it's great value for money.

Hope you go take a look.

Ashleigh xx


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah they are and yeah it's great :) xx

  2. So pretty! I love the brightly coloured ones :)
    Love your blog by the way, you sent me your link on the last twitter bbloggers chat, so thank you, as I'm glad I've found it :)
    Carrie xxxx

    1. Yeah they are and me too and thank you very much :) xx