Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Skin Art Nail Art Tattoos and Nail Polish Review

Hey Lovelies, I got sent these Skin Art Nail Art Tattoos and Nail Polishes and I have to say they are great products.

The Nail Art Tattoo's are amazing for people like me that can only do the basic nail art, the only nail art I've ever been good at is dots and flicks and there easy to do. The Nail Art Tattoo's come in lots of different effects, they have stars, bows, hearts, birds and anchors so the designs will suit everyone. In the set there is 60 so they will last a long time and its inexpensive and only cost £5.99.

The tattoo's are super easy to apply, you just peel the nail art tattoo of the sheet and apply it to your nails, you can do it yourself or tweezers are even better to make it more precise for where you want to apply it on the nail.

These nail art tattoo's are great to just add something special to your nails and they are perfect to wear whenever you want.

The tattoo's are very long lasting on the nails, I had mine on for over a week and only took it off because my nail polish was chipping, I just used nail polish remover and a cotton pad and scraped off whatever was left on my nails.
It's Crystal Clear, like in the name it's just a basic clear nail polish and I just used it to apply over nail polishes and it makes the polish look very shiny.

This is the shade Unicorns Are Real, this is a gorgeous shade that I love wearing it, it's a blue with light purpley pink shimmer and is nice to wear for any season. They are the same lasting as any nail polish about a week and then it will start chipping.

This is the shade What Color is Coral? It looks like a coral shade in the bottle and when I applied it to my nails it was more of a pinky coral but it's a great colour perfect for summer time, it's very fluorescent and lasts the same amount of time about a week on the nails and then it starts chipping.

I really love the names of all the shades and they all cost £3 so it's really inexpensive.

I applied the coral shade on my thumb, index and my pinky, I applied Essie's Bazooka on my middle finger and unicorns are real on my ring finger, I then applied a studio gold nail polish on the tips of the coral and bazooka shade, then put the heart nail tattoo on my ring finger and applied the clear nail polish over the top and I love this nail look and it made my nails look really shiny.
These are great nail products and you can buy them online at the Skin Art Website or you can buy them from Boot's.

There great products and I highly recommend you trying them.

Ashleigh xx