Sunday, 31 August 2014

Northern Blogger Meetup

Hey Lovelies, hope your all having a nice weekend, yesterday I went to the Northern Blogger Meetup in Sheffield at Eten Cafe it was absolutely amazing and I wanted to say a huge thank you to Kathryn from The Kats Paws, Catherine from Counter Pretty, Kirstie from Short Lashes and Tori from Dolly Birds and Bows for organising such a wonderful event.
The event was held at Eden Cafe in Sheffield near the Cathedral, I had never been to this cafe but it was really nice and the staff were really friendly, I just had a drink but other people's food looked so delicious.

Even though I have been to a couple events I still get really nervous and anxious about meeting new people but I really enjoyed getting to know other bloggers they were so friendly and lovely, who knew there was quite a few Sheffield bloggers like myself. 

Lush came by and gave us an informative talk on the history, suppliers and charities they donate to. They brought bath bombs with water so we could have a little demonstration and the room then smelt so heavenly from them. We each got a little goodie bag and mine include a Sex Bomb Bath Bomb, Blousey Shampoo and an Eye Cream. The people from Lush were really passionate about it and kept us well informed.

Benefit also came by to give us a chat, we were informed on how the brand first started in San Francisco by the sisters and then became a No1 best selling brand in the UK. Who knew Benetint first started for exotic dancers to put on their nipples, there's a weird and wonderful fact for you. Then Kitty demonstrated a step by step makeup guide with Benefit products and was very informative. We also learnt about eyebrow mapping. We then got a sneak peek into the Christmas Collections which was exciting and it looks amazing. The people from Benefit were extremely passionate too and love working for them. We also got a little goodie bag of the They’re Real Mascara and They’re Real Push Up Liner in full size, the They're Real Mascara has been a favourite of mine for a while so I'm glad to have it again and I'm excited to try the liner.

Leanne from LEM Blog showcased her nail polishes all these shades looked gorgeous, I didn't buy any but I know quite a few bloggers did so I'm sure you will be able to check their blogs out to see the nail polishes.

We then got to take away these amazing goodie bags filled with alsorts that I am so grateful for and can't wait to try. 

A big thank you again to all the organisers, they put so much time and effort into this event and it was fantastic. I had amazing time and I am so happy I was able to attend and hopefully get to see you all at future events.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Autumn Wishlist

Hey Lovelies, I hope you've all had a nice day, I thought I would do a wishlist I haven't done one in a while and there is a few things I want ready for Autumn.
First thing is boots, mine got wrecked from Winter so I need some more and I love boots for Autumn and Winter these are the Black High Biker Boots from New Look and they are £24.99 which is a good price for boots. I chose the black ones they also have tan ones but black go with everything.

This is the Cameo Rose Black Boucle Zip Front Jumper from New Look and its £17.99, I don't have many jumpers and I need warmer clothes for Autumn and Winter. The other top is also from New Look and is the Grey Fine Knit Split Back Top and is also £17.99 its long sleeved and I liked the split back so it will be perfect for Autumn because its not too thick and long sleeved.

Then there is the Tanya Burr Lip Gloss in Vampire Kiss this is a deep red and for Autumn, this is the time when I love wearing darker lip colours so this is perfect and the lip glosses only cost £6.99 I'm yet to try the Tanya Burr lip glosses but I've heard so many good things about them, so I definitely want to try them.

Next up is a MAC Lipstick in Hang Up, I love MAC lipsticks they are one of my favourite brands for lip products there always pigmented, long lasting and not drying on the lips. I chose Hang Up as it is a dark deep berry shade lipstick and I love dark shades for Autumn. It is a cremesheen so it will be creamy and moisturising on the lips. MAC lipsticks are £15.50.

Lastly is this Aztec Print Jersey Onesie and its from Matalan, I don't own a onesie and I really need one so I can be kept nice and warm at night. This aztec print is really nice and I also want to find an animal one either I think there really cute. It's only £12 which is a good price.

Do you have anything on your wishlist for Autumn?

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Words Can Be A Weapon

Hey Lovelies, hope your all having a nice day, today is going to be a different type of post, I know a lot of people will be going back to school and college soon, so I just wanted to address this.
These images are just from Google and represent what I want to talk about.

I think we've all had negative and hurtful comments said to us and some people do just shrug it off and not let it get to them and while others take it to heart and believe it and it really affects them.

If you've read my blog for a while you will know I was bullied in school and it was mostly verbal comments and alienation that I suffered through and what they said about me, I truly believed it and so I wanted to change because I didn't belong and I wasn't as perfect as other people. There words did really hurt me. I'm a lot stronger person now and I don't listen to negativity as I know I'm unique and that we can't be perfect, I'm still not the most confident of people because of the past but I have grown from it.

People do use words as a weapon to either get a reaction out of you or for you to feel small and not important, sometimes it is the person's insecurity they are putting on to you and sometimes they just want to feel big and powerful.

Seen as your going back to college or school I just wanted to say is if there is a new person or someone with no friends, be kind to them and make them feel welcomed because it can really help the person to fit in. Don't listen to the gossip of negative comments about a person and don't get involved and put your own words forward, you may not know the person and what they are going through and how your words are going to affect them.  

Social media has gotten bigger and bigger and I know we all use it and its a good way to connect with people and this is a positive but the negative is that people can be harsh and hurtful because they are behind a screen and think they can say what they want. If it is said online or in person it can still affect the person, so don't be hurtful with unnecessary and harsh comments.

The main point is just to be kind to other people and treat them how you want to be treated and not to hurt them.

I hope this is a beneficial post to someone and people listen to what I've had to say.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Gosh Lip Lacquer Review

Hey Lovelies, sorry for not posting over the last week I've just had a few things going on and been quite busy so I didn't have much time to blog. I'm back now and hopefully posting regularly again. Today I've got a review for you. I won this in a twitter giveaway a while ago by the lovely Charlotte, so a big thank you to her and go check her blog out it's amazing.
I've only ever tried the Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquers which I am a fan of but I do prefer lipstick over lip lacquers.

I have the shape Crispy Lips which is a gorgeous bright pink but is really wearable and perfect for Summer and all year round. These are really pigmented when you first apply but the staying power isn't very long as you can expect as it is like a lipgloss.

The packaging is really cute like a nail polish which is really different and unique which I really like. It has a doe foot applicator like a lipgloss and it is easy to apply.

The Lip Lacquers have Argan Oil and Vitamin E for a moisturising finish that will keep your lips hydrated, they feel really creamy and moisturising on the lips but I find when its wearing off it can be a bit drying on the lips. 

These Gosh Lip Lacquers are available from Superdrug and are only £5.99 some of the other shades look amazing too.

Overall I think it is an alright product but it's not been the best product I've ever tried. 

What do you think to the Gosh Lip Lacquers?

I'm going to be doing an advice post soon, so if you have any questions you want advice on, ask away it can be on anything.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipstick Collection

Hey Lovelies, hope your all having a nice day and sorry for not posting much in last few day I've just been a bit busy but I've got a new post for you today on my Rimmel London Kate Moss lipsticks.
Rimmel London have been one of my favourite drugstore/highstreet brands for years but especially their lipsticks I just think they are amazing.

These Rimmel London Kate Moss lipsticks are really pigmented and last really well on the lips. There is so many shades to pick from and they have normal and matte finishes and none of them dry your lips out. They are also really affordable. I think the packaging is really sleek and looks very nice.

I only have 5 shades but I love them all and I'm always on the look out to buy more shades when I look in Boots and Superdrug.
Here's swatches of all the shades, 08 is a pinky mauve shade that is a slightly darker than a natural shade so it is easy to wear with any makeup look and is a good everyday shade. 05 is a pink fuchsia shade but it's not too bright and is a nice summer shade. 16 in is a peachy pink that is great for spring and summer and if you want to wear colour but not too much this is a good shade to go for. 19 is a pinky brown shade and is similar to 08 but 08 is more pinky than 19 its a nice natural everyday shade. Finally 107 which I'm sure is a staple in many people's lipstick collection, it's a gorgeous berry red lipstick that is matte it is more of a autumn/winter shade but I love wearing it any time.

What do you think to the Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipsticks?

Friday, 8 August 2014

Top 5 Under £5

Hey Lovelies, hope your all having a nice, today I thought I would share with you my top 5 products under £5 I know sometimes we can't afford to buy expensive makeup so these are cheap options that can help build your collection.
First up is the MUA eyeshadow palette's I have quite a lot of the palette's but I just took pictures of a few of my favourites which are Heaven and Earth, Undressed and Undress Me Too. These palette's are only £4 and they are really pigmented and last quite well. These palette's have both matte and shimmery shades which I like having a mixture of both. The palette's have a variety of shades so you can create looks for both daytime and nighttime and keep it natural or smokey which is good for when your on the go and don't want to take too much makeup.
I'm sure this will be no surprise seen as nearly every blogger and youtuber mentions it at some point but its the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, this is just an amazing concealer it covers under eye circles and spots really well without being cakey and they have a few shades to suit people's skin tones. I've gone through lots of tubes of these and I always go back to it, it's my favourite concealer of all time and its only £4.19.
This will also be no surprise as well as lots of bloggers and youtubers also like this powder. Its the Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder, its a great setting powder that keeps oiliness away and helps keep your makeup in place. It's not cakey and feels lightweight on the skin and it doesn't make you orangey either. I've gone through countless amounts of this powder and at £3.99 you can't go wrong.
The MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter has been a favourite of mine for ages this is my favourite all time highlighter out of all the ones I own. This is a pinky shimmery highlight that gives such a nice glow to the skin and will suit most skin tones. It's only £3 so such a bargain.
Last up is the Beauty UK lipsticks I only have a few and the shades I have are In The Buff which is a corally pink and Naughty an orangey red and Vampire which is a deep red. These have been a favourites of mine for a while they are quite pigmented and really moisturising and glossy, they just feel great on the lips and don't stick to dry patches. They have a variety of shades to choose from and at only £3.49.

What are you favourite products under £5 I would love to know.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Summer OOTD and FOTD

Hey Lovelies, hope your all having a nice day. Today I'm doing a fashion and beauty post, I haven't done an outfit post in ages so I thought I would and I love this outfit.
I mentioned this dress in my fashion haul, this dress is from Dorothy Perkins for £10 and its a lovely peachy colour, its a thicker material but its still alright for Summer. The accessories I wore were a floral necklace from New Look this was to add something to the dress and earrings from Wallis. Then I just wore some sandals and these were from BHS that I got ages ago.
I kept the makeup simple and nothing too dramatic. I just applied my foundation which was Bourjois Healthy Mix and Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation and Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer and Rimmel London Stay Matte. 

For my eyes I applied shade 1 which is a Maybelline Mono in Gold Diamonds all over the lid and shade 2 into the crease and 3 on the out corner but I blended it well these shades are both out of the MUA Undressed Palette and then used a champagne shade for the highlight under the brow bone. Then I applied mascara which was Maybelline Falsies and Benefit They're Real. For my eyebrows I just filled them in with a dark brown eyeshadow and applied clear mascara over the top.

Then I slightly contoured on my cheeks with the Sleek Contour Kit and applied the NYC Blush in West Side Wine on my cheeks and highlighted with the highlight from the Sleek Contour Kit.

Finally for lips I used the Bourjois Color Boost in Peach on the Beach to finish the look.

I hope you enjoyed the post and what's your favourite outfit and look to wear for summer?

Friday, 1 August 2014

July Favourites

Hey Lovelies, hope your all having a nice day. Today I've got my July Favourites for you, I've got a few things I've been loving this month.
Beauty Favourites
Starting off with the Sunkissed Self Tanner, I hardly ever use self tan even though I am extremely pale but when I was going out for my friends birthday I wanted to be darker and thought it would look better with my dress, so I used this Sunkissed Self Tan and it was really good, it didn't come out too dark and stuck to my skin quite well and lasted.

Next is this Magic Cool this isn't beauty related but when we have had these hotter days this has been a life saver, you can spray it on your face and body but I mostly use it on my face and it just cools you down and it doesn't mess up your makeup it just refreshens it.

The MUA Matte palette has been something that I've been using more recently, I use the first shade on the second row for filling in my eyebrows and also using other shades for my crease or the lighter shades as highlight under the brow bone. The shadows are really pigmented and last quite well. The other eyeshadow is this mono eyeshadow by wet n wild, it doesn't have a name but it's a pinky champagne shade with light shimmer. I've been wearing this on the lid and a brown in the crease and just wearing it as a simple look but it's such a gorgeous shade that is pigmented and long lasting.

I did a full review here on the Rimmel London Scandal Eyes in Golden Bronze but since buying it, I've worn it quite a bit, I just apply it and blend with my finger and apply eyeshadow over the top. It's very pigmented and doesn't budge all day.

The Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Sugar Apple, I did a review and nail look recently here, it's such a gorgeous mint bluey green shade that is nice for Summer, it lasts really well and doesn't chip straight away and keeps your nails strong and in good condition.

Next up is the MAC blush in Cream Soda this was from the Archie's Girls collection, this is a peachy blush with glitter in it but when you apply it to your cheeks it isn't noticeable. It just gives your cheeks a nice healthy glow and is perfect for Summer. 

Lastly is the Bourjois Color Boost in Peach on the Beach and Revlon Lip Butter in Sweet Tart. The Bourjois Color Boost in Peach on the Beach is a peachy pink shade that is just gorgeous and I love wearing in the Summer, It's quite pigmented and glossy. Next up is the Revlon Lip Butter in Sweet Tart is a bright pink shade that is great for Summer, the lip butters are pigmented, moisturising and glossy but they don't last that long on the lips.

Non-Beauty Favourites
Music- MKTO-Classic is such a catchy song that I have loved listening to and Ed Sheeran's Album I've been loving listening to more this month.

TV Shows- Finding Carter is a new show about a teenager called Carter and she's grown up with a women who she thinks is her mother but it turns out she kidnapped her and then Carter goes to live with her biological family, it's been really interesting to watch. Geordie Shore came back on this month, it's a controversial show but I find it fun to watch.

Books- Never Forget is a free book you can get on your kindle, its a romance of a girl called Lexy who goes to her Grandma's for the Summer and falls in love but she also looses her Grandma and you see a change in her, it's a great book. Lost and Found is another book that was free that I loved reading, this is a book about a teenager that has graduated high school but she's troubled and her mother will only pay for her art school if she works on a ranch and she falls in love with a cowboy and becomes a different person.

What are your favourites of the month?