Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Words Can Be A Weapon

Hey Lovelies, hope your all having a nice day, today is going to be a different type of post, I know a lot of people will be going back to school and college soon, so I just wanted to address this.
These images are just from Google and represent what I want to talk about.

I think we've all had negative and hurtful comments said to us and some people do just shrug it off and not let it get to them and while others take it to heart and believe it and it really affects them.

If you've read my blog for a while you will know I was bullied in school and it was mostly verbal comments and alienation that I suffered through and what they said about me, I truly believed it and so I wanted to change because I didn't belong and I wasn't as perfect as other people. There words did really hurt me. I'm a lot stronger person now and I don't listen to negativity as I know I'm unique and that we can't be perfect, I'm still not the most confident of people because of the past but I have grown from it.

People do use words as a weapon to either get a reaction out of you or for you to feel small and not important, sometimes it is the person's insecurity they are putting on to you and sometimes they just want to feel big and powerful.

Seen as your going back to college or school I just wanted to say is if there is a new person or someone with no friends, be kind to them and make them feel welcomed because it can really help the person to fit in. Don't listen to the gossip of negative comments about a person and don't get involved and put your own words forward, you may not know the person and what they are going through and how your words are going to affect them.  

Social media has gotten bigger and bigger and I know we all use it and its a good way to connect with people and this is a positive but the negative is that people can be harsh and hurtful because they are behind a screen and think they can say what they want. If it is said online or in person it can still affect the person, so don't be hurtful with unnecessary and harsh comments.

The main point is just to be kind to other people and treat them how you want to be treated and not to hurt them.

I hope this is a beneficial post to someone and people listen to what I've had to say.


  1. This is very helpful and touching!!! Thank you for sharing :)
    I got called too fat to wear my outfit on friday and it was devastating, I haven't had bullying since i was in school so was shocked how vile people still can be xxx

    Blonde of carbs

    1. Thank you it means a lot and you aren't don't listen to them and people can be and there is no need to be xx

  2. such a touching post! great job :)
    Amira xox

  3. Everyone should read this post and others like it. Its shocking how many adults are even worse than high school kids when it comes to the words they use.

    Lauren | laurenthedaydreamer.co.uk

    1. Thank you means a lot and it is you would think they would have grown up and not use words like that x