Tuesday, 23 June 2015

What I Would Tell My Younger Self

Hey Lovelies, sorry for the lack of posts again I'll try to get back track on with my blogging. Today I thought I would do a bit of a personal type of post of what I would tell my younger self.
Cue the old embarrassing pictures of myself. I don't think I look too different to now actually but anyway onto the post.
  • The main point I would say to my younger self is not to change myself for anyone, when I was in school I wanted to fit and tried to change to fit in with others and all you ever need to be is yourself so people can like you for you.
  • Not to care of what others think about me, not everyone will like you and when I was younger I wanted to please everyone and make them like me. The truth is not everyone will like you and the people that do like you are all that matters.
  • I should have stood up for myself, when I was younger I let people walk all over me and when I got bullied I just let them do it and never said anything. I would say that you shouldn't let anyone make you feel bad about yourself and stand up for yourself, you are a strong person and don't deserve to be treated badly.
  • I'm still insecure and self conscious but not as bad as I was when I was younger, when I was younger I was so shy, unconfident and self conscious and didn't think very highly of myself. All I would say is that you can be confident and you will gain it and you just have to trust and believe in yourself.
  • Don't be scared to take chances and do things you wouldn't usually do, as I've got older I've done things I wouldn't have usually done and they have been such good experiences. When I was younger I didn't take chances and I should have done it more.
  • Not everything will turn out the way you want but everything happens for a reason and there is always the good in situations. Don't worry if something turns out unexpected just go with it.
  • We all make mistakes and have regrets but it is okay, we can't all be perfect and you will learn from them, so don't feel bad for what you've done or let others make you feel bad about it.
  • You don't need to have a boyfriend like everyone else, when I was younger most of the time I was single and I thought I needed to have a boyfriend too and you don't need to have a boyfriend just because everyone else has. You just need yourself and friends and when the time comes you will meet the right person that will be your boyfriend.
  • Always try your best that is all you can do, your not always going to be good at everything but just try your best and that will be good enough.
  • Don't be afraid to voice your opinion and say what you think, when I was younger I was so shy and hardly spoke because I thought what I had to say didn't matter and people wouldn't care. Just say what you want to say and people that care about you will listen.
  • Lastly just be happy and do what you want to do and not what everyone else is doing.
 What advice would you give to your younger self?

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Small Beauty Haul!

Hey Lovelies, hope your all having a nice day. Today I've got a bit of a haul, I haven't bought anything in ages and this is what I got over the last month or two and it isn't too much.
I have a local Factory Shop which sells things for quite cheap so I got these Maybelline Eyeshadows for £1 and the Rimmel London Colour Rush Balms for £2 and the W7 eyeliner for £1.99, this is just a black eyeliner for everyday use and all of these products are such good value for money.

The Maybelline eyeshadows are in Chocolate Chic which is just a matte medium brown, I've had this brown before in different packaging but it has been a favourite of mine for ages so I thought I would repurchase and Blazing Brown which is a gorgeous golden brown shade.

The Rimmel London Colour Rush Balms are in All You Need is Pink which is a gorgeous bright fuchsia pink, perfect for Summer and Viva Violet a pinky purple shade.

I bought the Collection Colour Lash Mascara, this is just a clear mascara for my eyebrows because I was running out of mine and I wanted to try a new clear mascara to set my brows and it was only £1.99.

I've got the Bourjois Delice de Poudre Duo, this is the bronzer and highlighter and I've heard so many good things about the Bourjois bronzer and I love highlighters too so I thought I would buy the duo and I'm excited to try it. The bronzer is a right shade for my skintone too and is only £7.99.

Last up is the NYC Eyeliner Liquide, I bought this eyeliner first and I just wanted a black eyeliner and I didn't realise it was pearlised black but I've found it's still a good eyeliner and so that's why I bought the W7 eyeliner. I can't remember the exact price but I think it was only a couple of pounds, not that expensive.

Have you bought anything recently, would love to know.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Day Trip to The Deep in Hull

Hey Lovelies, sorry for the lack of posts I've just been quite busy with college work and other things. Anyway here's a lifestyle type post of a trip I went on last week, to The Deep in Hull with my lovely boyfriend.
If you live near Hull or just want to go on a day trip somewhere, I would highly recommend it. It's such a great place to go it has such much amazing sea life, you can go as a family with children, friends or with boyfriends and girlfriends it's a nice place to go with anyone. There's something for everyone and so much to see there is thousands of different type of marine life to see.

I've always liked animals and sea life so I had such a fun time looking at all these amazing fish, sharks, penguins, starfish, jellyfish and other animals in the tanks. It has interactive parts and play areas for children to keep them entertained too. I would definitely visit it again.

It's not expensive either it is cheaper to book online, so if your wanting a trip that isn't too expensive and to have fun, The Deep is the perfect place to go.

What are some of your favourite places to go on a day trip to?