Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Day Trip to The Deep in Hull

Hey Lovelies, sorry for the lack of posts I've just been quite busy with college work and other things. Anyway here's a lifestyle type post of a trip I went on last week, to The Deep in Hull with my lovely boyfriend.
If you live near Hull or just want to go on a day trip somewhere, I would highly recommend it. It's such a great place to go it has such much amazing sea life, you can go as a family with children, friends or with boyfriends and girlfriends it's a nice place to go with anyone. There's something for everyone and so much to see there is thousands of different type of marine life to see.

I've always liked animals and sea life so I had such a fun time looking at all these amazing fish, sharks, penguins, starfish, jellyfish and other animals in the tanks. It has interactive parts and play areas for children to keep them entertained too. I would definitely visit it again.

It's not expensive either it is cheaper to book online, so if your wanting a trip that isn't too expensive and to have fun, The Deep is the perfect place to go.

What are some of your favourite places to go on a day trip to?

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