Sunday, 7 October 2012

Guest Blog Post-Nails

This is a guest post from the lovely Suzy, she emailed me about wanting to do a guest post and showed me some of her work on other blogs and i was really impressed and I'm really grateful for her doing this post for me.

Tips on Saving Costs on Your Manicure Bills
Paying for those bills for a few nail painting and nail polishing services can really hurt at times. When it comes to looking good, most of us buy clothes online or look at the brand stores that offer everything for the perfect look. We get discounts on certain occasions, which often act as a big saver, but the same doesn’t apply to beauty services. Getting the perfect nails is just a matter of how careful and dedicated you are, and most of the things you can do on your own, unless you want designer nail arts. Here, you will get some quick tips for getting those perfect and well shaped nails.

Keep your nails clean: What they do in manicure may seem to be complicated, but actually, it’s as easy as it can get. You don’t need expensive cleaners or milk to clean your hand nails. Take a piece of lemon and rub it on your nails. Within a few minutes, you nails will start glowing. If needed, you can use your face scrub with lemon to get cleaner nails.

Coating your nails: The only thing that you need to invest is nail polish and nail paints, and that’s where you need to stick to big brands. Low quality nail paints can give that yellow tarnish to your nails, and many times, you may find that you are ending up spending more as the cheap paints don’t last for long. Look for bigger brands, and while applying, always look for thin layers rather than thick coats. Thick coats chip off easily, while thin coats give you the actual shade of the colour and stay for much longer.

Start buffing your nails: You can buy a nail buffer, which is cheap, and most buffers have the numbers that will help you polish your nails at one step after another. If you have used the buffer correctly, it is likely that you will not need any polish or paint, and your nails will look shiner and pinker than ever. Also, buffing can keep your nails glowing for weeks, which is one reason for investing one hour in those four steps of buffing.

Keep your nails rounded and short: If you want your nails to last longer, then you must avoid extreme long nails. Experts suggest that you keep the corners of your nails rounded because square nails don’t last longer and tend to break easily when scratched on surface. Shaping your nails is all about using the nail filer right, and you just need to practise for a while.

Keep the coating on: When you are buying top coats for your nails, always buy the right and branded one and ensure that you reapply the same every three days. For your nail paints to last longer, apply a thin coat once in every week. This will offer the necessary protection for your nails and keep the colours glowing.

Keep your finger nails safe: Avoid using your nails for nasty household tasks just as opening stickers, lids or anything like that. Don’t hurt your nails in any way by making them prone to scratches and breakages. Keeping your nails safe is just a matter of caution and care, and this should come to you naturally with little attention.

Authors Bio: Suzy Walsh is fashion blogger and style expert with years of experience in the fashion industry. She is the lead writer of The House of Elegance Fashion and has been associated with a number of blogs as a guest writer. Her writings are extremely well crafted, and she knows the wits to engage her readers.

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed.

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  1. Ah the lemon thing is such a good tip! X

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  3. Great guest post! I quite bad at looking after my nails, but I'm lucky that they are string anyways :D