Thursday, 1 August 2013

July Favourites

Hey Lovelies, I was going to film my July Favourites but I haven't had much time and after going to the orthodontist on Tuesday my teeth have been killing me so I decided to not to do the video, but I still wanted to share with you my favourites of the month so here they are.

Beauty Favourites
The Maybelline New York Quad in Glamour Browns, in summer I love wearing gold shades and this a great palette to create a goldy brown eye, all the shades are very pigmented and long lasting, they are all shimmery shades so if you don't like shimmer I wouldn't recommend it.
The Avon Kajalstick in Deep Turquoise, in summer I love wearing bright colour eyeliner especially blue/turquoise shades they really bring out my blue eyes and I just wear it on the waterline and this eyeliner is really pigmented and long lasting.

The Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Eyeshadow Stick in Bulletproof Beige, this a gold shimmery metallic shade and works really well with the Maybelline Quad, I mostly apply to my eyes as a base and then apply eyeshadow over the top and it helps it last all day, you can also apply it to your inner corner or just wear it on it's own as well so it's a really multi purpose product.
Here's swatches of the Avon Eyeliner and Rimmel Eyeshadow Stick, there both gorgeous shades.
Revlon's Photo Ready Cream Blush in Pinched, is a corally orange shade perfect for summer and very wearable for most skin tones, I love wearing cream blushes in summer, it's pigmented and long lasting.

NYC Sunny Bronzer, it's the perfect bronzer shade for me not too muddy or orange, it's matte so I can contour with it as well, it's pigmented and last really well on the cheeks.

MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter, it's a pinky shimmery highlighter that I absouletly love I've been wearing it nearly everyday and it's my all time favourite highlighter, it gives your cheeks a nice glow and it's long lasting.

Natural Collection Cream Blush in Rosy Pink, this another cream blush, I like both orange and pink shade blush but I know some people prefer oranges and some people prefer pink and I like to wear both but this another nice cream blush, it's pigmented and really cheap but it's not as long lasting as the Revlon Cream Blush.
The L'oreal Paris Caresse Lipstick in Tempting Lilac, these are very similar to the Revlon Lip Butters and I have both and there both very nice, the Caresse Lipsticks are more pigmented but not as mosturising as the Lip Butters, Tempting Lilac is a pinky purple shade that is quite glossy and I've fallen back in love with it, I haven't worn it ages and saw it in my collection and decided to start wearing it again, there pigmented and mosturising but not as long lasting as a lipstick.
Beauty UK Lipstick in Naughty, this is a corally red shade and I love it, I've been wearing it a lot even though it's not the most summery of lipsticks, Beauty UK Lipsticks are always really nice there very pigmented and moisturising, it is a quite bright shade and because it is moisturising you have to be careful when you apply it because it can smudge.

Here's swatches of them both.
If you've been watching my YouTube video's I've mentioned quite a few of these products.

Non-Beauty Favourites
Music-One Directions-Best Song Ever is such a catchy song and the video is hilarious, Selena Gomez- Come and Get It, Avril Lavigne-Here's To Never Growing Up and Pink-True Love.

TV Programmes- Pretty Little Liars I mentioned it in my last favourites but Pretty Little Liars is my favourite TV programme it's so mysterious and you never know what will happen next and all the cast are gorgeous, Big Brother all the people in the house are so different and I like the arguments and knowing more about them.

Food- It has to be Ice Cream and Ice Lollies I love warmer weather and just eating Ice Cream and Lollies some of my favourites are Cornetto's, Zzapp, Magnum's.

Clothes- First time I've mentioned clothes in a favourites but in summer I love wearing dresses and shorts.

What are your favourites of the month leave a comment and let me know.

Ashleigh xx


  1. I've been loving the MUA highlighter too! Such a bargain! xx

  2. Oh wow I had no idea Natural Collection did a cream blush range, I will definitely have to try them! xx

    Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie ♥

    1. Yeah they do but there not the best cream blushes but there alright for the price :) xx

  3. oh, no, toothache is really an annoying thing.. get better soon, sweetie!
    i love the colour of the beauty uk lippie and the avon eyeliner is looking real good
    fusels x

    1. Thank you and yeah there both great :) x

  4. Favourite posts always make me want to go out and shop! The lipsticks look lush, really pretty colours! xx

    Visit The Other Side Of Cool

    1. Yeah me too and there great shades :) xx

  5. The Beauty UK red lipstick is so pretty! Also, interesting non-beauty favourites. I can't live without ice cream!

    Beauty from the Fjord x

    1. Yeah it is and me too love ice cream :) x