Saturday, 19 July 2014

OOTN- Out On The Town

Hey Lovelies, hope your all having a great weekend, yesterday I went out for my friends birthday and I thought I would share with you my outfit, I haven't done an outfit post in a while and I loved this outfit that I wore, so I thought I would do a blog post on it. I didn't have enough time to take pictures on my camera so this is just of my phone but the quality isn't too bad.
The dress is from Jane Norman and I got it about a month ago in the sale for £25, so that was a bargain and I just love this dress it's tight fitting dress and hugs to my body perfectly. My shoes are from Matalans and I got them a while ago so I don't know if you can still get them, the heels aren't too high and they are easy to walk and quite comfortable so I really like wearing them.

This dress is perfect for nights out and it will fit petite and taller people, I'm quite small at 5'2 and my sister tried this dress on and she's a lot taller and it fitted her too. The dress hasn't got too much going on and I just think it's really sleek and elegant. 

The only accessories I wore with this dress was earrings, I could have also worn a bracelet but with this dress I didn't think I need to many accessories as the dress was the main focus of the outfit.

I hope you enjoyed the post, what is your favourite dress to wear on a night out?


  1. You look gorgeous such a nice dress xxx

  2. Stunning dress, you look beautiful. I always wear a black dress on a night out, I am pretty boring like that! :) I love your blog and I have followed you with Bloglovin and GFC, if you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted thanks!

    Camille xo.

    1. Aww thank you, so sweet of you and there is nothing wrong with a black dress :) thank you and I will have a look :) xx