Saturday, 9 January 2016

What I Got For Christmas

Hey Lovelies, I know it's been a while, I've been quite busy and was working a lot of hours over Christmas and didn't have a lot of time to blog but I'm back now and I wanted to share with you, What I Got For Christmas even if it is a little late. I hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year.

First off I just want to say in no way am I bragging and I'm extremely grateful for everything I got.
From my parents, I got two new bags the cream, black and burgundy bag and the small black one which are both great, I can use the cream, black and burgundy bag everyday and the small black one if I'm going out and don't need to take much. I got two new sets of pj's and the comfy slippers and I love wearing them, there so comfy and cosy. I got three new tops which are all great and fit perfectly. Every Christmas is kinda a tradition where I always get pants and socks but it is what I need and I like getting them.I also got this cute penguin cushion I also got the big nail kit and for just before my birthday in January I've got a make over and a photo shoot.

Off my sister, I got these cute handmade bath bombs from Bakewell there so cute and small. My sister got me the other bag with the purple on and I love it, I think it's quite unique and it just has one handle. She got me the Makeup Revolution Blush and Radiance palette, I think Makeup Revolution is such a good brand so it's nice to have more in my collection. Lastly she got me these lovely earrings.

The presents my boyfriend got me were so amazing as he always listens to things I like. He got me the Estee Lauder set its so amazing and has lots of makeup goodies that I'm so excited to try and I've never tried Estee Lauder. He got me some Lush Bath Bombs and I absolutely love Lush baths so it will be nice to use when I get the chance. He got me some new headphones, he new I needed some more for my Ipod and there a really good pair. I got the Cards Against Humanity Game which we played at his friends before and we found it really funny so we have our own pack to play with. Lastly was the Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium perfume which smells amazing.

From my boyfriends parents I got some new pjs there so soft and it came with a fluffy fleece for over the top of the pjs which I love wearing and lindt lindor chocolates, which are so yummy.

From my family, my Auntie and Uncle got me heroes and pjs, my other Auntie got me the purple makeup bag and another Auntie got me an Amazon Gift Card and from the rest of my family I got some money.

From my two neighbours, one got me a pair of earrings and the other got me the Colour Couture Makeup set.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who got me a present, I'm extremely grateful for everything I got.

I would love to know what you got for Christmas, so leave a comment below and let me know.

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