Monday, 9 July 2012

Review of Accessorize Blushes

I'd never tried a baked blusher until I tried these Accessorize blushes and I've got to say I absolutely love them.

I got the shades Quiver and Scandal in the picture Scandal is on the left and Quiver on the right. They were on offer at Superdrug for £2.95 they are usually £4.99 so it's very inexpensive.

They have been compared to MAC's mineralize blushes I've never tried them so I wouldn't know.

I love the packaging with it's got gold butterflies its so pretty. The packaging is plastic but it's very sturdy.

They are both pinks, Scandal is a pinky coral with gold veins going through it and Quiver a light pink with darker pink veins through it they are long lasting, very pigmented and you can build the colour up to the intensity you want and look gorgeous on the cheeks, they do have shimmer in but it's very light so it's hard to tell but if you don't like shimmer I wouldn't recommend this blush for you.
Swatches-Quiver on the left and Scandal on right.

I've been wearing them constantly since I bought them and I really love these blushes and highly recommend them.

Have you ever tried the Accessorize blushes? What do you think to them leave a comment below.

Ashleigh xx

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