Saturday, 25 August 2012

Guest Blog Post

I thought I would do something different, my blog is mainly makeup because that's the aspect of beauty I love most, so I've got a blog post that is completely different to what I usually do and I hope you enjoy it.

Two of the first things people usually  notice when they see you for the first time is your skin and your hair. As women (and men) we invest a lot of time and money into ensuring that we look our best. Skincare can cost an absolute fortune; there are all the different cleansers, toners, serums, creams, lotions, spa treatments and tools involved in attempting to reach the ideal standard of skincare, the same is true for looking after our hair.
One component of a good skincare and hair care routine that is often overlooked is our nutritional status. A good, balanced and adequate diet plays a vital role in the condition of our skin and hair. There is a definite place for good products but the power of diet is often underestimated.
There is a misconception that a healthy diet requires you to make sacrifices and eat food that tastes terrible. This is not true. A healthy diet is one that includes ALL the food groups in moderation and although some sacrifice is required, it is easy to replace ‘junk food’ with healthier and tasty options.
Below are a few easy to follow tips, tricks and recipes to help you achieve flawless skin and luscious hair by tweaking your diet.
Bottled Water·         WATER. This is the easiest and most common tip around. Without boring you all with the detail, water is essential for cell function and renewal. So drink up!!
·         POWER WATER. Water on its own may not appeal to everyone. My adding lemons, berries or cucumber to water not only do you improve the flavour of the water you also add antioxidant to the water, which is magic for your skin.
·         ANTI-OXIDANTS. These are miracle workers for your skin; they help improve skin texture, improve elasticity and prevent premature ageing!!  Food items to include: Berries, lemons, tomatoes, oranges, guavas, peppers and green tea.
Green Tea·         GREEN TEA. This is another common recommendation when it comes to healthy skin. Green tea is very high in anti-oxidants and also caffeine (a good replacement for coffee). 1 mug of brewed green tea a day, can improve not only your skin and hair but also your general health status. Try adding mint leaves, a lemon slice and a teaspoon of honey to your tea to supercharge your drink.
·         DARK VEG. This little fact I found very interesting. Plants make use of pigments to protect them from the sun (like a natural sun block) the darker the pigment the more protection it offers. So by including dark veg, you get even more anti-oxidants in your diet. Look for dark green, red  and blue products
·         DRY SKIN. If you suffer from dryness (both skin and scalp) include eggs, avocados and nuts to your meals.
·         SALMON is great if you are worried about wrinkles and dull skin.
·         USE SUNBLOCK.
·         LIMIT alcohol, coffee salt and junk food. (some sacrifice is needed) If you are a junk food addict, try decreasing the amount you eat slowly. Even a small change can help.
·         DIET. Include fresh fruit and veg with each meal. Again if you are not used to this, just add 1 item per meal initially and gradually work your way up.
·         NUTS.NUTS.NUTS. these little guys are the perfect snack!! They are high in healthy fats and protein. They are great for improving the hair strength and shine.
·         SUPPLEMENTS. In an ideal world we should be getting all our requirements from the food we eat. But sadly this is not the case. I take a multi-vitamin designed for young women and an anti-oxidant daily. Please consult with a professional before purchasing one though. There are so many on the market and not all of them are beneficial.

I hope that you found my post informative and interesting.
 I just want to say thank you to Ra'eesa for this great blog post and you should go take a look at her blog.

Hope you enjoyed.

Ashleigh xx

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  1. this is great as I'm starting a health kick tomorrow! xxx