Saturday, 1 September 2012

AKA Cosmetics Review

I was nicely sent a few bits from this company, firstly before I start the company is not paying me to review the brand this is my honest opinion.
Firstly I really like the name of the shades, the duo eyeshadow is called blue hawaii, lipstick called entice and nail polish called risky. I always like names on products and when they have nice names.

The duo eyeshadow-blue hawaii, the light blue shade is a silvery blue, which I've used most but isn't as pigmented as the darker blue, the darker blue shade is a purple blue, I don't really wear blue eyeshadow so I haven't used it very much. The duo's cost £7.00 and there is a few other shades to choose from.

The lip pencil is called pink, this was the only product I didn't like, the colour is a purpley pink and I tried it and didn't like the colour on my lips, it's very pigmented. The lip pencils cost £5.50 and there is two other shades so I would recommend the other shades.

The lipstick-entice this my absolute favourite and it was in my August favourites as well, I love the colour its a dark berry, red colour so I needed to use a lip brush to apply it, it's very pigmented and long lasting even when I had something to eat and drink it stayed on but started to fade gradually and moisturising. The lipsticks costs £7.50 and have quite a few to choose from I highly recommend buying these.

The nail polish-risky, it's a lovely pink shade that I love, I've had it on nearly a week and it still hasn't chipped, it's really pigmented, I used two coats which is usual for a nail polish. I recommend buying there nail polishes. The polishes cost £5.00.

They have other products to choose from- blushers, lip gloss, eyeshadow quads, eye pencils, liquid eyeliner and mascara.

Swatches of the products.

From left to right- pink lip pencil, entice lipstick, blue hawaii eye shadows.

I just wanted to say thank you to AKA for the products.

Hope you enjoyed the review.

Ashleigh xx


  1. Ive got quite a few products from AKA, they are really good! I love their lipsticks! I love that nail polish too, might have to get that! :)

    Beth xo

    1. Yeh the lipsticks are good I love them too and you definately should buy the nail polish :) xx