Thursday, 1 November 2012

Liebster Awards

Hello Lovelies here's a post on the Liebster Awards.

I've been nominated again for the Liebster Awards by the lovely HallofMirrors and LetsGetLippy but i thought it would be better to do it on another post then updating again and making the other post really long.

The Rules:
1. Post 11 random facts about themselves.
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you and make 11 new questions for the people you tag.
3. Choose people with 200 followers or less and tag them in your post.
4. Go to their page and tell them.
5. No tag backs.

All the facts are the same as in my other Liebster Blog Post.

Random Facts:
1. I have naturally wave hair but I do like to straighten and curl my hair.
2. I want to be a Primary School Teacher.
3.I have braces.
4.I love watching TV shows and films.
5. I can't go a day without listening to music, I absolutely love music.
6. I've been bullied a few times, it was the worse time in my life but made me stronger and the person I am today.
7. I have a scar under my nose you probably cant see on pictures cause I use makeup but I fell off my bike when I was about 5 or 6 and injured a lot of my face.
8. Makeup always makes me feel more confident about myself.
9. I used to be really shy at school and hardly talk to people and never want to read aloud or answer teachers questions but since going to college and not worrying what people think about me and not having the bullies from school I've become more talkative to everyone.
10. At school I was really good at playing Keyboards/Piano I never had any lessons but I used to be able play backing tracks to songs and make my own up but I haven't played the Piano in a few years.
11. I have trust issues, it takes me a long while till I can open to people but I don't always tell them everything because of being afraid to get hurt.

Let's Get Lippy Questions:
1. Why did you choose this name for your blog? it's my initials of first and second name and i love makeup so makeuplover.
2. Designer or High Street? i like both but i mostly buy high street so high street.
3. If you had a genie within a lamp; what three things would you wish for? world peace, no one ever being ill for any reason and everyone to be happy.
4. What is your GO TO Emergency food? i don't really have a go to emergency food but i would probably say toast.
5. What does your beauty regime consist of? moisturising and applying makeup on a day to day basis, other times cleanse, tone and moisturise.
6. If you could be President or Prime Minister for a day, what laws would you change or enforce? for everyone to have Mondays off i think most people hate Monday's.
7. Forget Celebrity ‘Come Dine With Me’; there could be one for Bloggers! Which 4 Bloggers would you bring to your dinner party? this is hard but i would say
SophiaKayleighIndia  and  Alessia .
8. Lipstick or Lipgloss? Lipstick definitely.
9. What has been your biggest life challenge so far? Being bullied.
10. If Jack Sparrow [the pirate] delivered you a chest full of riches, what would you spend it on? Makeup and a house.
11. What will you do after you finish answering this question? Watch TV i think.

Hall Of Mirrors Questions:
1. What's your favourite city? London
2. Where do you like to shop? For makeup Boots and Superdrug, for clothes New Look, Primark, Topshop, International.
3. Who is your style icon? Demi Lovato.
4. What's your all time favourite make up product? Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer.
5. If you could give somebody just one piece of beauty advise, what would it be? Wear makeup how you want you can never do it wrong.
6. Do you have any pets? No
7. How did you come up with your blog name? 
it's my initials of first and second name and i love makeup so makeuplover.
8. Who knows about your blog? My parents, sister and one friend.
9. Your favourite cosmetics brand and why? Revlon love there lipsticks and foundation.
10. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Hopefully a Primary School Teacher/Teaching Assistant, married with children and still blogging.
11. Most expensive product you've bought? MAC blush.

My Questions:
1. Your holy grail product you can't live without?
2. Favourite makeup brand?
3. Do you prefer wearing jeans and a top, skirts and a top or dresses?
4. Do you prefer wearing heels or flats?
5. Your most expensive piece of makeup?
6. Favourite place to eat?
7. Your most expensive outfit?
8. Do you prefer natural makeup or bold makeup?
9. Your favourite clothing shop?
10. What do you want to accomplish in 10 years?
11. Your favourite magazine?

I tag- 

Hope you liked the post.
Ashleigh xx


  1. Hi Ashleigh,

    Congratulations on all ur nominations and thank you so much for responding. I think you have really come through a lot and I think it's great that you want to be a school teacher.

    I'm so sorry to hear that you had a horrible time at school. There were a few things you mentioned that reminded me of myself. I also used to be quite shy too and never had any confidence. It's great that you are so positive. These life experiences only make you stronger.

    I wish you all the best hun, & keep your chin up.
    Lots of ♥
    LiLi Xx

    1. Heyy no problem, thank you for nominating me, I think everyone has their bad times but it is best to try to stay positive and carry on with life, thanks hun :) xxx

  2. Congrats on the award!