Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Q and A

Hey lovelies, I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all, I reached 200 followers on my blog yesterday and I was so happy to know that people liked my blog and I appreciate all of you.

I was going to do a tag but Beautyblogpage suggested I do a Q and A so I thought I would do it instead, so I asked on twitter for questions.

- My go to foundation? I would probably say my Rimmel London 25 Hour Foundation but I'm always looking for new foundations to try, if you have any suggestions leave a comment below.

- Worst beauty habit? I would say I use makeup wipes to take my makeup off and I know that wipes don't get rid of all my makeup.

- What do I swear by for my skin care routine? I will cleanse, tone and moisturise and it will get rid of any makeup or inpurities on your face, so it will help you from getting spots.

- Which drugstore makeup brands do you like the most? I like MUA for there eyeshadows, blushers and lipsticks, Revlon for lip products and foundation, Rimmel London for foundation and lipsticks, L'oreal lip products, blushers and eyeshadows, N07 I like most of there products.

- Would you ever start making YouTube videos? I think I will do in the future but I think I need more confidence and a good camera but don't know if I would be any good at it.

- Whats your favourite moisturiser? I don't really have a favourite most moisturisers work for me so I would say either Simple or Neutrogena.

- Did you enjoy school/college? When I was at school I did like it apart from when I was bullied then I hated it, I didn't like college that much when I was doing A Levels because I found them very hard but I like college now doing Health and Social Care BTEC.

- What subjects do you take? Health and Social Care BTEC.

- Whats your favourite mascara and makeup brushes? My favourite mascara would be the Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Mascara and I love Real Technique makeup brushes.

- What are your favourite type of giveaways? I like makeup giveaways.

- Do you have a good eye for bargains? Yes I do I love bargains because being a student I can't afford expensive things.

- What's your favourite perfume? I love ghost perfume.

- When did you start blogging? I'm quite a new blogger only started in May.

- What inspired you to blog? I always loved watching YouTube video's and reading blogs and I've always loved beauty so I thought I would try blogging myself and now I love blogging.

- What advice would you give to bloggers? I always think you should be yourself and put your personality into your blog, give trueful reviews and post clear, big pictures.

- Top 5 bloggers? I have loads of favourites so I can't really choose 5 and I think everyone has an amazing blog because there all individual and unique to you.

Thank you for all the questions.

I might do another Q and A in the future so leave a comment below and will answer them next time.

Hope you liked the post.

Ashleigh xx


  1. Always enjoy reading your posts :) x

  2. Quite new to blogging, it would mean a lot if you could follow and take a look justanotherdayofbeingme.blogspot.com just recently came across your blog and have fallen in love with it! xx

  3. aww such a cute post hun, congrads on the followers again :) xx

  4. You know what? Although Rimmel is really cheap, it does have good products. I have used Rimmel foundation too, and really liked it.
    Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Clothes for Less

    1. Yeah I agree I mostly use rimmel foundation :) xx

  5. Love a good Q&A x