Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Nanshy Eye Brush Set Review

Hey Lovelies, I have a review for you today on these amazing new eye brushes by Nanshy. I've never tried Nanshy brushes before but I have heard great things about this brand. I was so excited to get the opportunity to try these brushes.
The brushes come in this box, with each name and a bit about the brushes and where you can follow Nanshy.

As soon as I got them, I started using them and they are amazing brushes, they are really soft and feel really nice when your applying your eye makeup, there also dense and great to really get into the crease and pack the eyeshadow on to the lid.

There is 7 brushes in the set, it's a perfect set as it has every brush you need to apply your eye makeup. The brushes in the set are Large Shader, Precise Eyeliner, Angled Detailer, Flat Definer, Blending, Eye Crease and Tapered Crease.
All the brushes have pearly white handles with Nanshy and the name of the brush, they are really light-weight and easy to use. The brushes are black with white tips which  I think is nice.

Nanshy brushes are approved by PETA and are vegan and cruelty free which I think is great, I know there's quite a few bloggers that are vegan so these brushes will be great for them. The brushes are synthetic and antibacterial which makes them really soft.

The set costs £29.95 which I think is a reasonable price for 7 amazing brushes, you can buy them on  BeautyStore4U, Amazon and Ebay

There isn't really anything bad to say about these brushes in my opinion, the only thing is because there white they will get dirty easy but that can't be helped.

I highly recommend trying Nanshy brushes and I'm definitely going to be purchasing some of there other brushes.

You can follow Nanshy on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Have any of you tried Nanshy brushes, what do you think to them?

Ashleigh xx 


  1. I've never tried these before but after reading this I think I might :)
    Great post!

    1. Yeah you should there great, this was the first time I've tried this brand before and thankyou :) x

  2. Ive just reviewed this set also, the brushes are amazing quality, so glad you like them too x


  3. I've been thinking about eye brush set for some time now, and after reading your post.
    I think I may have to consider this set!?
    Lovely blog!

    - sarah xo