Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Beauty Life Tag

Hey Lovelies, hope your all having a nice day, I wanted to do a tag post seen as I've been doing a lot of product reviews and wanted to change it up, I'm going to be doing the TMI tag soon on my YouTube so I was looking and couldn't really find any tags I wanted to do, so I thought I would create one and here it is.
1. How long does it take to apply your makeup?
When I'm going to college it takes me about half an hour but when I'm not in a rush it takes about 1 hour. If I'm going out at night it can take 1-2 hours as I like to spend more time on it.

2. What made you get into beauty?
This is tough one to answer as my mum never really wore makeup or talked to me about beauty. When I was at schools girls started to wear makeup and I wanted to. Then I started watching YouTube videos and reading blog posts and it made me more interested in beauty and I started buying more products and experimenting. I just love beauty and creating different looks.

3. What is the most amount of money you have spent on a beauty product?
I have mostly drugstore/highstreet products and buy high end occasionally or get them as presents but the most I have probably spent is about £20 but I also don't like spending a lot of money on beauty products as you can get cheaper alternatives and you can spend the rest of the money more wisely on something important that you need.

4. One product you can't live without?
For me I would probably say mascara as I have short eyelashes and mascara makes a lot of difference to my eyes.

5. Favourite overall brand?
This is a tough one as I have products from lots of different brands but I would probably say MAC as I've tried quite a few products from them and I love a lot of there products and they have everything you need.

6. Would you rather wear the wrong foundation shade or have lipstick on your teeth?
I would say lipstick on my teeth as if someone tells you or you notice, you can take it off but if your wearing the wrong foundation shade it will be harder to correct.

7. Do you take your makeup off properly or use a makeup wipe?
I'm not the best beauty blogger in this respect as I do use a makeup wipe to take my makeup off but I do use micellar solution as well but I need to have a better regime.

8. When applying a full face of makeup, what one item could you do without wearing?
When I wear a full face of makeup I love wearing foundation, eye makeup and lipstick so I couldn't not wear them so for me I would say blusher because for a long time I didn't wear it and my cheeks are quite pink anyway so I don't really need it.

9. Some beauty products on your wishlist.
There hasn't really been much I've been wanting but I would say the Naked 3 but it is a lot of money and don't know if I would invest in it and the Revlon Balm Stains, I love the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains so I really want to try the new balm stains.

10. Do you have makeup free days?
I wear makeup the majority of the time but days when I'm not going anywhere or just visiting family I won't wear makeup but I do feel a lot more confident and comfortable when I wear makeup.

That is it for the questions, I hope you enjoyed it and found it interesting and I tag you all to do it, leave a comment down below or tweet me at @ashleighcarrxx if you do the tag would love to see your answers.

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