Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Q and A

Hey Lovelies, hope your all having a nice day, known I've not blogged that much my camera kept playing up but hopefully when I put new batteries in it will be fine, so I thought I would do a Q and A seen as I don't need my camera and you can get to know more about me.

I asked on Instagram and Twitter for questions, so here's some of them, let me know if you would like me to do more Q and A's in the future and follow me on either of them, so you know for next time if you want to ask questions.
Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging because I always watched YouTube and read blogs because I loved beauty and I would talk to family and friends about beauty but they weren't very interested. So I thought I would start a blog and talk about it on there so I could share my views and products I love with people that are interested. Blogging is a big passion of mine and I do not know where I would be without it, I absolutely love it and I'm so grateful to all of you that follow and read my blog, it really means a lot.

How do you stay motivated?
When it comes to blogging because I enjoy it and love doing posts, I am motivated to do posts for you and myself. When it comes to college I am not always motivated but I make myself motivated so I do the work and then I've accomplished it and I can do what I want after so that helps me stay motivated. What helps me stay motivated is also people around me and myself.

My favourite makeup brand?
This is a hard one as I have all different products from different brands that are my favourites. If I had to choose one though I would probably say MAC as I have tried a lot of their products and I love them.

If you could only wear one lipstick for the rest of your life which would you choose?
This is another hard one as I am a lip junkie and love changing up my lip colour. I like wearing all different colours and shades but if I had to choose one I would say Rimmel London Matte Lipstick in 107, this has been a favourite of mine for ages and I like wearing it a lot and wear it all year round.

Are you more of a drugstore or highend makeup girl?
I love highend makeup but I can't always afford it and don't have as much highend, I have more drugstore makeup so I would say I am more of a drugstore girl.

What is your favourite bronzer?
My favourite bronzer is NYC Sunny, all though my sister has nicked it from me, it's my favourite, it's not muddy or too orangey it's just the right shade and it's matte, so you can contour with it.

If you had to pick just one makeup product, what would it be?
One product is a hard one, seen as I like wearing a full face of makeup but I would probably say mascara as I have short eyelashes and mascara always lengthens and volumises them.

What would you like to come from blogging?
I never really thought about anything coming from blogging, I just do it because I love it and don't expect anything from it. Blogging would be a nice career but I don't think I could really do it as a career but I also have other career goals.

Who are your favourite bloggers and why?
I have a lot of favourites and I don't want to offend anyone if I don't mention them, as there is a lot of great blogs out there but I'll just mention some. First of all there is Alessia from Whispers of Angels, she is the sweetest most kindest person and she is always there for me and she has a lovely blog that incorporates beauty, fashion and lifestyle, so you should go follow her if you don't already. Zoella is another I loved her blog and YouTube for ages she's so down to earth and gorgeous and I relate to her a lot. India from The Jewel Beauty, she is so lovely and has an amazing blog with great beauty posts that I love reading and I'm always jealous of all her makeup. Kayleigh from Couture Girl, has been a favourite of mine for ages, she's so gorgeous and does amazing posts that I love reading and she's kind. The last blog I'm going to mention is Sandra from The Black Pearl Blog she has the most gorgeous blog that I love reading she has great pictures and writing style.

I hope you enjoyed the post and if you have any questions you want to ask then leave them below and I will answer in my next Q and A.

Ashleigh xx


  1. Thank you for the mention huni!! 💜 Fab post :) I would struggle to answer them! I love MAC too! A lip product.....ooooh which mac lippy!!! I love so many! Xxx

    1. No problem lovely and thank you, yeah some are hard to answer. Mac lipsticks are great I love them :) xxx

  2. Thank you for the mention lovely :) xo