Saturday, 7 November 2015

Accepting Yourself

Hey Lovelies, hope your all having a good day, today I've got a personal type post on accepting yourself.
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For a long time I never accepted myself, I didn't think I was thin enough or pretty enough, I was the opposite to the girls at school and people in the media. I wanted to be more like them but everything I tried it never made a difference, but the truth is I'm never going to be that stick thin beautiful model but in being myself and accepting myself, I know who I am and that I am beautiful in my own way. Don't get me wrong their will be days when I feel bad about myself but I've become more accepting of myself which is a huge step in me being happy.

As you may know I got bullied in school and because of this experience it made me think very negatively of myself and that I wasn't good enough or perfect like I needed to be. I wanted to just fit in with everyone else and be accepted but by doing it I wasn't being myself anymore. Being yourself and accepting who you are is the most important thing and if people don't accept you for who you are, don't worry about them they are not worth your time. You need to surround yourself with people that love you for who you are and positively make you feel better about yourself.

Amount of times it's been my own self thinking that is negative on myself, which makes you feel a lot worse than what people have said because you think what you think, everyone else is thinking too. I was too focused on all the flaws and things I believed needed changing about myself that a few times I think I lost who I was but after a long time, I've learnt to accept myself for who I am and I will never change for anyone, I am who I am and if people don't like it, then it is their loss not mine.

We all should just believe in ourselves and if your happy with yourself that's all that matters. I hope you all accept yourselves for who you are and if you don't learn to, were all unique and perfect in our own way and we should be different and not like everyone else.

When did you learn to accept yourself? And do you have anything you want to add about accepting yourself, then leave a comment for everyone to see.


  1. Absolutely beautiful post doll and made me feel a lot more positive after reading xxx

  2. Wonderful post. I had something similar to this happen me to school growing up, and it still affects me to this day at times. I wish I could see posts like this every day, because they truly are great to read and seem to be a breath of fresh air.

    1. Thank you so much and I'm so sorry you had to go through it x