Sunday, 1 November 2015

Zoeva Graphic Eyes New Jewels

Hey Lovelies, I know it's been a while since my last post, I've been really busy and needed a bit of break, I always want to make sure I do the best blog posts for you, so having a break was the best and it made me miss it more and I'm glad to be back.
I got this eyeliner just over a year ago from a blog event, I helped organise and I nearly forgot about it, I take so many pictures that I sometimes forget what I've took pictures of.

This is my first ever Zoeva product and I had heard so many good things about their products so I was excited to try it when I received it in my goodie bag.

The shade is New Jewels which is I think is a great name and the shade is a gorgeous purple with light purple shimmer running through it, I absolutely love wearing it.

You can wear the eyeliner on your lid or on your waterline, I really like it on the lid and with a brush you can wing it out too.

The formulation is amazing it's really creamy and easy to apply and blend and then it dries in about a minute and is very long lasting and doesn't smudge, it's one of my favourite eyeliners and I really recommend it.

I always love purple shades there my favourite colour and it really brings out my blue eyes.

Have you tried any of the Zoeva Graphic Eye's Eyeliner, what do you think and what are your favourite shades?

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