Monday, 21 May 2012

Real Technique Brushes

I love the real technique brushes they are amazing. I use the stippling brush for my foundation it goes on effortlessly and looks nice on the skin this my favourite brush you can also use it for cream blush. I use the buffing brush for powder it helps blend the powder into the foundation beautifully. I use the contour brush obviously for contouring and it's the perfect shape brush to contour. I use the detailer brush for concealing or to apply lipstick. I don't really use the pointed foundation brush, the pointed foundation brush is a bit small to apply foundation but I'm not sure what to use it for.
What do you use the pointed foundation for?

The core collection is quite expensive its £21.99 but they are amazing brushes. The stippling brush is £11.99 which isn't too bad and i highly recommend it, it's the perfect brush for foundation.

What do you think of the real technique brushes?



  1. oooooh, i really want to try these out! Too bad they aren't sold in Australia :( I am really liking your blog btw! Please check out mine if you have the time xo Genevieve

  2. Thank you, you could try buying them online and sure I'll look at your blog xx