Sunday, 27 May 2012

Top 10 Blushes

These are my favourite blushes mostly pinks which i like the most but i have a peachy one, orangey one and plummy one. These are in no particular order just my top blushes.

Top left- Peach Melba, middle- Pink Cloud, right-Sweet Cheeks these are all natural collection blushes they are only £1.99 which is very cheap and they are beautiful colours, nicely pigmented and last a long time on the cheeks they are all matte blushes, they have one peachy colour in the collection rest are different shades of pink but all are amazing. Bottom left- Flush shade 7, middle- juicy apricot shade 6 they are £4 they are very pigmented and lovely colours, Flush is matte and Juicy Apricot has some shimmer in it.

Top, top- Loreal True Match- Sandalwood Rose- £7.69 this is the perfect pink for my skin tone, it's matte, i absolutely love it and it's nicely pigmented, middle- 17- Plum Puff- £3.49 I love this colour this is a shade I don't have but it's not too dark for me, it's matte and good pigmentation, bottom- No7- Soft Damson-10 - £9.50 this was the first blush i ever got and i still love this colour, it's matte and it's very pigmented and long lasting. Bottom, top- MUA Mosaic Blush-English Rose- £2.50 this cheap and great for spring and summer, its shimmery and nicely pigmented. Bottom, bottom- Collection 2000- Shimmer Shades- 1 Way To Glow- £4.19, it's shimmery, great on the cheeks and perfect for summer makes you nice and glowy, absolutely love it.

They are different shades and different price ranges and I love them all.

What are your favourite blushes leave a comment below.

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