Wednesday, 23 January 2013

SewUniqueUK Anchor Bracelet Review

Hello Lovelies, the lovely Gabrielle from SewUniqueUK very kindly sent me an anchor bracelet to review.

Here's what Gabrielle had to say about her jewellery, I'm a 19 year old who goes to university and have a part time job in a clothes shop.
I started SewUniqueUK because I've always loved being creative and making things, this is something I would love to develop full time after uni.
I've always loved textiles and this is a theme I've included in some of designs. I wanted to make my jewellery different to what you can find in shops whilst still being affordable and being a bit more special because it's handmade.
I love the multi coloured braid and then the anchor, I've got no jewellery with anchors on and it's really cute.

It's adjustable so perfect for everyone to have around there wrists. 

The anchor bracelet is currently on sale at £4.
SewUniqueUK has some amazing jewellery that I absolutely love.

Like the name SewUniqueUK it's definitely unique jewellery that shops wont have.

The delivery is fast and comes in cute packaging.

Go follow Gabrielle on Twitter and go look at her Shop.

I love jewellery and love little shops like SewUniqueUK, Harts+Crosses and So Kitch they have amazing jewellery at great prices and are unique and hand made.

Hope you liked the post.

Ashleigh xx


  1. It is really cute - when I was younger a used to have a mahoosive obsession with Sailor style things so this really sends me back!
    Lovely review!! <3
    Lots of love from

    1. aww you should have a look at the bracelet then and thank you, love Ashleigh :) xxx