Sunday, 10 February 2013

17 Makeup Collection Kit Review

Hello Lovelies, sorry for not blogging much been busy this week with assignments for college but I always feel bad if I don't get much of a chance to blog and I really enjoy blogging, so I have some time now and wanted to do a post for you.

If you saw my What I Got For Christmas post, this was one of my presents from my mum and dad I thought I should review because its a great little kit.

I think this a great kit for beginners especially as it's got everything they could need to experiment with.

It's got a blush brush, eyeshadow brush,angled eye define brush, lip brush and an eyeliner brush, these are nice brushes there not the best, they aren't the softest of brushes but they do the job. 17 photo flawless primer, I've used this quite a few times and think it's a really good primer it keeps my makeup in place and makes my skin feel soft. There's a sharper for the eyeliners in the set.

There's a little booklet with hints and tips on how to do makeup looks which will be helpful for beginners. There is eyelash curlers to curl your lashes they are quite good.

There is all different lip colours to choose from a light pink, orangey goldy with shimmer, medium pink, a browny nude and a red berry colour these are all very nice and you could mix them to create a colour you want they aren't that pigmented you need to keep going over it but I really like them. The baked eyeshadows I love these they aren't the best in pigmentation compared to the MUA ones but I really like them, I haven't found many baked eyeshadows that are as pigmented as normal eyeshadows, you can create different looks a natural look with peaches and brown or a smokey eye with browns and greys.

These eyeshadows in the middle are amazing I really like them, they are very pigmented and long lasting, I like to mix the baked eyeshadows with these and create different looks, my favourite is the first shade called natural it's a light beigey brown colour.

The metallic cream it says you can use it for eyes, cheeks and lips but I think it's best as a highlight on the cheeks it's a shimmery pinky white that gives a nice glow, the bramble frost blusher is a peachy pink I really love the colour and is perfect for everyday it's quite natural and it's pigmented and long lasting, the limited edition bronzer, it's a shimmery bronzer which I'm not a huge fan of but it is alright and it is pigmented, I really like the highlight and the light pink blush there nice, you could mix all the colour together. I haven't used the mascara yet I didn't want to dry it up and I had other mascara's to use, the black and brown eyeliners are really pigmented and long lasting, I think its good they put both brown and black in, you can use black for more dramatic looks and brown for subtle everyday looks, the gel eyeliner is really nice I don't think it's as good as the Maybelline gel eyeliner but it is really good and pigmented and long lasting.

Overall I think it's definitely a good kit, I know it was a kit for Christmas but if you can get your hands on it I would really recommend it.

I'm not sure on price because I got as a gift but 17 isn't expensive so I don't think this kit will be.

Ashleigh xx


  1. Wow this looks like a useful little kit for starters! Great review :)

    Ashleigh x

  2. Wow this is a lovely set!! <3
    And fabulous review!!! <3
    Lots of love

  3. I've just reviewed the new Seventeen Doll'd Up mascara and liner - so amazing! Love their BB cream, too :)

  4. This looks like such a fab kit, one every little beauty would happily have I love the colour of the lip products pretty xxxx

    1. yeah it is and i think so too and they are :) xxxx

  5. I really want this, it looks great


    Oh and I'm running a giveaway, if you want to pop over and have a nosey!

    1. Yeah it does and will look later :) xx

  6. Looks like a fab kit, the colours look really wearable and not too jazzy (I love a good neutral palette.)

    Michelle x
    The Never-Ending Wardrobe

  7. This looks like the perfect little beauty kit, has everything in there that you would need to create any makeup look :D

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog