Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Rimmel London Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Stick Review

Hello Lovelies, here's a review of the Rimmel London Scandaleyes eyeshadow stick, I've not really seen many posts on these sticks and they are quite new.

Boots have £1 off at the minute so its £4.99 and they are usually £5.99.

These eyeshadow sticks look like a dupe for the NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils.

I have the shade Bulletproof Beige its a metallic champaigney beige colour, it's quite neutral and I love wearing it all over the lid or in the inner corner.

You can wear it as an eyeliner, just on the lid on it's own, on the lid and eyeshadow over the top as a base or primer and this shade you can wear in the inner corner.

It's easy to apply.

They have five shades this beige/champaigney colour, bronzey colour, pink, purple and blue shades.

I really like the look of the bronzey colour.

They are really creamy, pigmented and long lasting.

I've worn them for about 12 hours before and they have stayed in place all day.

It says its waterproof but I don't think it is really waterproof.

Here's a swatch I absolutely love this shade.

Overall I think its an amazing product I think the only downside will be when you have to sharpen it because it's so creamy and soft and don't think its very waterproof.

Let me know what you think to them.

Ashleigh xx


  1. Nice Review - will deffo check them out when I am in boots next - have to say the colour is stunning :D <3

    1. thank you and you should there really nice, thanks for all your comments I really appreciate it i've noticed you comment on most of my posts and it really means a lot :) love ashleigh xxx

  2. I will definitely be trying these out! LOVE the colour.


    1. Yeah you should it's a great colour :) xx

  3. I was so impressed with these! X

  4. Wow Rimmel just keep getting better honestly, i need to try these out as this colour Bulletproof Beige might look good on me plus i love bronzey/gold colours that bring the blue out in my eyes too :D just imagine this with a tan :D great deal too ;)


    1. yeah they do love rimmel and it does bring out blue eyes, i have bluey/grey eyes and it makes your eyes look brighter when you use it in the inner corner :) xxx