Tuesday, 5 February 2013

50 Random Facts About Me

Hello Lovelies, I've seen lots of people doing the 25/50 facts about themselves so I thought I would do it, I thought it would be hard to do 50 but I found it easy, some are really personal so I found it hard to put them down but I thought I would.

1. I'm quite a shy person.
2. I just go with what people want, hate having arguments.
 3. Only high end products I have are from MAC.
4. I want to visit America.
 5. I love watching American and English TV.
6. I can't go a day without listening to music.
 7. Painting my nails annoys me to death for taking so long to dry and smudging them.
 8. Don't know what I'd do without blogging its my passion now, love it.
9. I want children when I'm older.
10. Love wearing makeup, makes me feel more confident and beautiful.
11. I have braces but I hate them but can't wait to have nice teeth.
12. I have anxiety and I'm a nervous person.
13. I want to be a primary school teacher.
 14. Love going to concerts.
15. I want to visit Australia.
 16. I always wake up early can't stay in bed past 10.
 17. I've been bullied.
18. I'm really insecure and have low self esteem.
 19. I find it hard to trust people but I'm trying to trust people more but I still seem to put a wall up between me and people.
 20. I have a younger sister.
 21. Recently applied to be an organ donor.
22. Love making people happy.
 23. I always give advice to people but never take my own advice.
 24. Love helping people in any way I can.
 25. Got my ears pierced twice and my tragus.
26. I've broke my thumb and fingers before.
 27. I'm a college student.
 28. Love drugstore makeup.
 29. Have naturally wavy hair but like my hair curly and straight.
30. Wear my hair up in a bobble most of the time because I can't be bothered.
 31. I have thin fingers (people say there piano hands).
32. I hate coffee but love tea.
 33. Ive had 6 baby teeth out and 4 adult teeth out.
 34. Love summer.
35. I'm quite messy and leave things out.
36. I'm a single pringle.
37. My natural hair is a mousy brown but my hair has got darker from dying it.
38. I have blue eyes they go lighter and darker depending on weather and what I wear.
39. I've had my hair blonde, different shades of brown, black, purple and streaked.
 40. I'm a shortie only 5 ft 2.
 41. Love chocolate like most people.
 42. I like wearing converse, vans, boots and shoes more than heals or wedges.
 43. Love my family and friends.
44. I'm quite dozy sometimes.
 45. I get colds easily.
46. I get bad migraines a lot of the time.
 47. Good at hiding my emotions.
48. Love wearing jeans in winter and dresses in summer.
 49. My knees crack when I bend down don't know why and I'm only 18.
 50. Love the area I live in.

Hope you liked the post and got to know me a little better.

Love reading these posts, so let me know if you have done this post would love to read it.

Ashleigh xx


  1. Great post! I'm currently working on mine :)

    F xx


    1. Thank you and will look at yours when you post it :) xx

  2. Nice post! What course are you doing at college? :) xxx

    1. thank you and health and social care btec :) xxx

    2. oooh very nice, good luck with your course :) xxx

    3. thanks hun :) what do you do?xxx

  3. Lovely post! I am going to do the same sometime this week :D Thanks for the idea =) xx

    1. Thank you and let me know when you've done it would love to see it :) xx

  4. Was great getting to know more about you :) I love summer too! Ignore the bullies and you shouldn't be insecure, you seem like a lovely person and you are absolutely gorgeous!



  5. I fractured my finger and tore two ligaments playing basketball last year.
    I have really long thin fingers ( I hate them ) but I play piano so it does
    come in handy!
    I love these posts, they're such a great way to get to know people!
    I done a '20 random facts' post on my blog not long ago :)

    - Michelle x x

    1. yeah, I used to play piano at school I enjoyed doing it I taught myself but havent played in ages, I will look at, love reading these post too :) xx

  6. Its always interesting to see how tall people are as i always think i can tell lol,, i would have guessed u were quite tall xx

    1. Yeah I think same with people when I see pictures and people on YouTube I think a lot of people look taller than they are :) xx

  7. I'm trying to do a random facts about me post but can't think of many more past about 20 so far! My knees have always cracked too, definitely makes me feel like an old person!

    I found your blog through the blog hop by the way :)

    Kate x

    1. you could do 25, it is quite easy, you could ask people who know you to help you either, its not just me then :) xx

  8. I love reading these kind of posts! You seem like such a lovely person hun! Do you think Blogging is making you more confident over time? Looking forward to meeting you at the Sheffield meet btw! :)

    Love, Rachel

  9. Iam quite a shy person too and am hoping the my blog helps me come out of my shell abit.
    Love this post thinking of doing one on my blog soon :)

    Lucy :)