Sunday, 19 May 2013

Blog Anniversary

Hey Lovelies, today my blog is 1 year old, I can't believe I've been blogging a year it's gone by so quick and I've enjoyed every minute of it.

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Picture edited by me.

I just want to say a huge thank you to all of you for supporting, commenting and following my blog it means the world to me and I'm so grateful for each and everyone one of you and I wouldn't be blogging if it wasn't for you.

Every comment and follow always makes my day and makes me smile and I'm so glad that you all like reading me blog, I never thought I would get to this point when I first started my blog.

Blogging was just a hobby for me and now I absolutely love it and don't think I will ever give it up, I love writing posts and sharing my opinion on products and it's my space to just be me and write what I want.

I love the blogging community everyone is so kind and supportive of each other.

I've made so many amazing friends from blogging and I love them to pieces and it was so nice yesterday to go to my first meet up and meet some lovely bloggers and I wouldn't have been able to do that if it wasn't for blogging.

I hope to be blogging for years to come and thank you to all of you for everything.

Ashleigh xx


  1. Awww happy blog birthday hun!xx

  2. One year soon flies by doesn't it! Congratulations :D
    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

  3. Happy bloggiversary! Just stopping by after bbloggers chat :) love your blog..

    Jess xo

    1. Thanks and thank you means a lot :) xx

  4. Happy 1st birthday! thanks for the link :)

    Following you now.

    Easmin xox

  5. Happy birthday blog xx

  6. Happy Blog Birthday! And here's to many more :)

    C x |

  7. Happy Blogiversary darling! <33 Your blog is lovely, keep up the great work! :)

    I am running an International Giveaway on my blog now, and I'd love it if you enter for the chance to win some YSL, Chanel and Essie products! <3


    1. Thank you vey much and I will have a look :) xx

  8. Happy 1year Birthday to your blog! I have only just discovered this gem, and am now following. Hope to see your second , third ... etc birthdays too :) xx

    1. Aww thank you very much it means a lot :) xx