Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Tally Tiger Jewellery

Hey Lovelies, I was very kindly sent this jewellery by Tally Tiger but I'm only just getting round to reviewing it.

Tally Tiger was launched in early 2012, there website is run from Edinburgh in Scotland and there aim was to offer pieces that really stand out.

They came in this stripped packaging with a sticker which I think is cute.

This peacock pattern ring is my absolute favourite piece, it's very unique ring and I've not seen any like this before and is really cute, the ring is adjustable so it's perfect for me because I have thin fingers, so it's suitable for everyone and it's only £3 which is really inexpensive.

This skull bracelet is gold with blue string round it, this is also adjustable and I really like this type of bracelets and I do like skulls. I don't think you can get this bracelet anymore because I can't see it on the website so not sure how much it is.

I really like the red triangles, to me these are statement earrings and I think the skulls look quite bold and scary and they really stand out, there not really to my taste but I'm sure other people will like them. These earrings are £3 so there also inexpensive.

I think Tally Tiger has some great pieces on the site and they are all really affordable and has something to suit everyone.

Here's some pieces that I love from there site.

This is the multi bubble necklace and is a very bright and colourful necklace perfect for summer, this is a statement necklace and can help glam up any outfit and is £8.

This is the floral peace necklace, this is very unique and cute, this is also bright and perfect for summer. I love floral and peace jewellery and is only £4.

These are the large multi cross earrings, I also love cross jewellery and this can go with most outfits and this is only £4.
And finally these aztec triangle earrings, aztec is all in for summer and I really like these earrings and they can go with most outfits and there only £2 that's really inexpensive.

All these images are from the Tally Tiger website.

Tally Tiger is a great brand and I highly recommend looking at there jewellery.

Thank you to Tally Tiger for the jewellery, I really appreciate it.

Ashleigh xx


  1. I love that ring, its so pretty and so unique :) x

    Danielle | Miss Sunshine & Sparkle

  2. Love the earrings! They're so gorgeous. It's a really lovely way to wear the skull trend. Absolutely love the floral 'peace sign' necklace

    1. Yeah, I love the floral peace necklace :) xx

  3. Love the skull bracelet! gutted if its not available any more though!

    Thanks for sending your link over via the blogger chat last night!

    If you fancy popping over to mine i'm at:

    Jennifer (@jambellz) x

    1. Yeah it's nice and no problem will look in a bit :) xx

  4. The ring is so pretty! It looks so unique and it's a real statement ring :)


  5. Wow loving the skulls, so pretty xx

  6. They have some seriously cool pieces, the ring and the skulls are divine! And I can't believe how cheap they are, super bargains ! xx

    Visit The Other Side Of Cool

    1. Yeah they have great jewellery at good prices :) xx

  7. Wow, the peacock ring is gorgeous! I love it and have a friend it would make the perfect present for :)
    You have a gorgeous blog - following you now!
    If you have a spare moment please pop over to my blog at and follow back or keep in touch if you like what you see :)
    Hope you're well!
    Andrea xx

    1. That's good then and thank you very much and when I have some spare time I will definitely go take a look at your blog and I'm good thanks, hope you are well too :) xx