Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Pamering with Yves Rocher

Hey Lovelies, hope your all alright and having a good day. Today I've got a post of pampering with Yves Rocher, these were kindly sent to me from Baobella. I've never tried any of Yves Rocher products before and so I was excited to try them and here's what I think.
First up is the Yves Rocher Organic Oats Silky Cream it is usually £13.50 but it is on offer for £9.45. You get a lot of product in this container which will last you ages, I've been using it most days and I still have lots. The packaging is unique I've not seen packaging like this and I really like it and there isn't a chance of it leaking. Yves Rocher says "Nourishing and deliciously perfumed with organic oats, this melt-in body cream brings incomparable suppleness and softness to the skin, veiling it with lusciousness." I agree with this it isn't a thick cream it's quite thin and you only need a small amount and it soaks into your skin and leaves it so soft without leaving it sticky. It smells really nice too and isn't overpowering. This cream will be good for any skin type and really nourish it. I've been using it after I come out of the bath or shower and I feel really pampered with it.
The Yves Rocher Beaute Des Mains Hand Lotion this is £3.90 but on offer for £2. I use hand cream a lot, my hands get dry easily and in the colder months this when it's essential for me to use it. This hand lotion is really moisturising and keeps them nice and soft. It doesn't leave them sticky which sometimes happens with hand creams and just hydrates them and keeps them soft.
The Yves Rocher Beaute Des Pieds Foot Beauty Care Anti-Fatigue Iced Gel is usually £5 but on offer for £2.50. If you know me I hate feet and mine are quite sensitive I don't like them being touched, I only touch them and won't let anyone else. I didn't know what to expect from this gel but it cools your feet and leaves them feeling so light and I've been really enjoying using it on my feet. You can use it on your feet and legs but I've mostly just used it on my feet.
Last up is the Yves Rocher Fizzy Bath Cube, this is £1.50. I love baths so I used this straight away and I always think baths are the best way to pamper yourself. As soon as I put the bath cube in, it started to fizz and melt, it left the bath cloudy and smelling of coconut and also made my skin feel very soft, it really does relax you and make you feel pampered.

All these products are amazing and make you feel very pampered, I can't decide on my favourite out of them all, they are all just so nice. If your wanting to pamper yourself then definitely have a look at Yves Rocher products.

How do you like to pamper yourself?


  1. The organic oats cream sounds lovely for when my skin gets dry in winter and really like the sound of the anti fatigue iced gel- nice and relaxing after exercise I think! xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

    1. Yeah it is and I think it would be perfect for that xx