Sunday, 8 May 2016

Crownbrush Blending Eyeshadow Brush

Hey Lovelies, I hope your all having a good weekend. Sorry for only posting once this week, I've just been quite busy and not had a minute to myself to write up a blog post. Today I've got a post on this Crownbrush Eyeshadow Brush.
I've had this brush for ages, I got it at a blogger event a while back I don't know the name of the brush but it's been my all time favourite brush for blending eyeshadow it does it so well.

The brush wasn't the most softest but it got softer the more time I used it and it's really dense and really get's into my eye lid to blend it out. Everytime I use eyeshadow I always use this brush to blend it out, it's been a firm favourite of mine from when I first used it.

I really like the design of the brush it's really sleek and does the job perfectly.

This is the only Crownbrush brush I own and I definitely want to try more but I'm saving at the minute but at some point ill purchase more. 

What's your favourite brush from Crownbrush?


  1. That looks like the MAC 217! x

    1. I didnt know that but I'm guessing it will be just as good x

  2. Love how simple it is! Looks soft too! <3

    Amelia |