Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Products I Regret Buying

These are only a few things I've bought and regret buying them.

17 hide and chic anti fatigue foundation in soft ivory £6.29. This was the lightest shade and it was still too dark and orangey for me and when I tried to apply it to my face it went streaky. I've had other foundations and products from 17 and I love them it's just this foundation. I gave the foundation to my sister and she mixes it with other foundations and it works fine for her. The packaging is good because you get all the foundation from the container.

Elf studio matte lip colour in coral £3.50. I love Elf cosmetics this shade just doesn't suit me, I gave it to my sister and she's more tan than me and it looks amazing on her.

Elf mineral lipstick in natural nymph £3.50. This was too pale for me, I like to wear nudes but this just washed me out it might worker better on different people.

Maybelline expert wear blush 77 rose £5.19. I have a lot of products from Maybelline it's one of my favourite brands but this blush isn't pigmented at all, you have to keep getting a lot of the product just to get the colour but it's still such a light colour it's not very noticeable.

Colourworks bronzer not sure on price got it in a collection at Christmas. The bronzer has big chunks of glitter in it which I hate, I don't mind shimmer in products. It is very pigmented but the colour looks like a horrible brown and looks awful on my cheeks.

Natural Collection eyeliner it doesn't say a shade or name but its green £1.99 it's very hard to apply to your waterline and when you apply it to your waterline it doesn't last very long but it is a beautiful colour.

MAC eyebrow pencil in lingering £11.50 the person at MAC matched me up wrong the colour is too light for my eyebrows but it is long lasting and is a good formulation.

What products do you regret buying leave a comment below

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