Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Sheffield Blogger Meetup Part 1

Hey Lovelies, hope your all having a nice day. Me and the lovely Heather and Georgina organised the #SheffieldBBloggers Meetup on Saturday and it turned out amazingly and we all worked really hard and the bloggers loved it. I had so much fun organising it and getting amazing brands on board for the goodie bags, Me and Heather had college and work and managed to get a lot of brands on board in just over a month. There will be two parts for the blog post as there is too much to talk about for just one post, in this first part it will be about the day and tomorrow will be the goodie bag and raffle prizes.
The event was held at a South India Restaurant called Maveli, in the city centre and it was a beautiful cosy little restaurant. The owners were very kind and lovely and did a taste experience with a variety of plates of Indian food which was so delicious and some of the foods I had never tried before. We all then applauded the chef for his amazing work with the food.
As soon as bloggers were arriving we all welcomed them and gave them their goodie bags so they could have a good noisy through them and then go and talk to other bloggers. We didn't want a big event that's really crowded and so it was small and intimate, we invited a small amount of bloggers so they could chat and get to know everyone. 
We had Lush Sheffield and they had a gorgeous display of lots of Lush products and especially the Christmas products. The three Lush ladies that came were all really lovely and friendly. They all have a passion for Lush and were very informative. They also offered arm massages and bath bomb making, Georgina gave us a master class on making bath bombs and I made my own robot bath bomb that is very cute and a love a good Lush bath bomb in my bath.
We wanted to do a raffle and donate the money from it to a charity, as soon as we heard about the Look Good Feel Better charity, we all knew this was an amazing charity and we wanted them involved. The charity is for women and teenagers who have suffered from the side effects of cancer and through the use of cosmetics they give them confidence. The women have masterclasses for using cosmetics and given a Confidence Kit, which includes 19 products donated from brands that helps women feel more confident and makes them smile. Jan has been working for the charity for 19 years out of the 20 years its been running and she was so lovely and very passionate and gave us lots of information on the charity. We raised £250 for the charity from the raffle and donations from people at the event, which was amazing and I'm so proud of everyone who came and helped raised that much money for such an amazing cause.
Kim from Boudoir Salon Sheffield is a HD Brow trainer and she was also at the event, she was offering bloggers the chance to have a HD Brow Treatments and also showing us the art of threading and give us lots of information on brows. Lots of bloggers were crowding round wanting their eyebrows doing and Kim did an amazing job and all the bloggers were happy with the results. Wish I had got the chance to have mine done but never mind.
We had Costellos Cakeaway come and this was a highlight of the event for most bloggers I think and the room went so quiet when they came. The people from Costello's talked about the company and how they deliver to your door and all the different types of cake they have. All cakes are reasonable priced between £2-£3. We all got the chance to taste some of the cakes and then buy some if we wanted. Every blogger loved the cakes! Just looking at these pictures are making me drool and they were the yummiest cakes I've ever eaten. 

As a whole the event was really chilled and the bloggers were able to look through the goodie bags, talk with other bloggers and able to use Georgina's wigs and fancy dress to take lots of pictures with other people. Just as the event was finishing Flurt a frozen yoghurt shop from Sheffield, came with some sweets and discount cards for the bloggers.

The day went brilliantly and all the bloggers had an amazing time, a big thank you to all the bloggers, companies and Jan for coming and the owners of Maveli for letting us hold it there. Tune in tomorrow for what was in the goodie bags and raffle which you won't be disappointed with.


  1. This looks like a fab event! Any with that much chocolate cake naturally would be :D Looks like you all had a really fun time getting to know each other!
    lily x

    1. Yeah it was and very true, we did :) x

  2. That cake looks absolutely amazing, and what a fab idea a cakeaway is. It looks like some real hard work has gone into creating such a beautiful event, I look forward to part 2 of the post!

    Sammy xo.


    1. Yeah it was so yummy and it is, the second part is up now :) xx