Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The Tough Times Will Pass

Hey Lovelies, hope your having a good day, sorry for not posting last week and not much this week so far, I've had a lot going on and some of it tough that's why I thought I would do this personal post.
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I'm not going to go into much detail on what happened as it is quite personal and it involves other people and I'm not ready to share. We all have those tough times and we think they won't end but they will.

I find when I'm having a tough time I focus on the negativity and that's what makes it harder to get over it and you need to focus on the future and the positivity otherwise it will make it harder and longer to get over it.

Not being on your own will help, I always find being around people or distracting myself helps take my mind off it and have a better time which can make you feel better otherwise if your on your own you will over think and focus on the negativity of the tough time.

When your ready talk about it with other people, they can help you see a different perspective on the situation and they can help make you feel better.

You will get over the tough time, we always get through them it can take time but you will and sometimes looking back on situations you will not think it was that bad in comparison to other situations you've had to deal with.

We are all strong enough to get through any situation we are put through and we all have to go through the bad and good in life.


  1. I hope you're ok, I think a lot of us are going through struggles that others aren't aware of.
    I'm going through a tough time at the moment too and I really need to try and be tougher.


    1. I'm not too bad thanks, aww hope your okay and here if you need to talk hun x

  2. I hope you are okay hun and I'm really sorry you are going through a tough time! I always want to post on my blog about things and then I'm like I'm not sure if I want to share THAT much info you know? But you can tweet me etc if you need me just for a chat/moan without going into detail hun xxxx


    1. I'm alright thanks and its okay, yeah its up to you and how you feel about it, I don't share everything on my blog and this post is quite vague anyway and thank you hun means a lot xxx