Sunday, 3 April 2016

Maybelline Mono Eyeshadows

Hey Lovelies, I hope your all having a good weekend. Today I've got a post on the Maybelline Mono Eyeshadows, I've had these since last year but since I've been off and on with blogging, I didn't get round to reviewing it.
I got these Maybelline Mono's from The Factory Shop that is near me which comes in really handy because I find some real bargains. These mono's only cost me a £1 each which is so cheap and there really nice eyeshadows. 

The Blazing Brown shade is a gorgeous golden brown shade, its a metallic/shimmer shade but it's quite subtle. It's really pigmented and lasts really well on the eyes. I like wearing Blazing Brown on the lid and Chocolate Chic on the outer corner and into the crease.

Chocolate Chic is a matte medium brown shade, it's a great crease shade that I like using if I'm doing a smokey look. I like that the mono's are both matte and shimmery. It is also pigmented and long lasting. The only downside I wish they were a bit more creamier so there easier to apply but for a £1 I can't really complain.

The packaging is sleek and minimal, I like that you can just throw it in your bag or makeup bag and it won't take a lot of room up and you can just add a bit of colour to your lids. I also like that you can also see the colour through the lid.

What do you think to the Maybelline Mono Eyeshadows? Do you have a favourite shade?


  1. I really like the blazing brown. I've not been on a make-up splurge for a while so I think this will have to be on my hit list when I eventually do. Love the colours!


    1. Yeah it's a really nice shade and you should do x